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Couture to LHW to Fight The Spider?



Couture certainly sounds up for the fight. Just a pipe dream or a possible legitimate fight?

How would you see this going?


I think we'd see Couture spread out on the canvas. I like the guy, but he's not fast enough to avoid the shots coming at him. Not to mention his bread and butter is basically dirty boxing which means Anderson will have an opportunity to repeat what he did to Franklin in their first fight.

I'd actually be surprised if the UFC let this happen.


That could easily be the fight that finally retires couture. The guy is a legend and still a pretty damn good fighter, hate to see him take on Silva and hurt.


I can see it happening for same reasons I can see him in against Tito at some point. It would probably be a big money fight if Couture gets past Nog. A win over Couture might instantly remedy Silva's problem with PPV draw. My guess is the UFC is more interested in this than the best match-ups. He probably get two big names and them a title shot. Doesn't he have 3 fights left?

I think it would be an interesting fight. There is certainly a chance it goes to the ground.


couture > Franklin in the clinch

He wasn't too shabby at that Greco Roman stuff.


I love watching both fighters but this doesnt seem to make sence for either fighter. If we are honest Couture doesnt have many fights left and certainly against fighters such as Silva.

He should stick to fighters in the same situation such as Big Nog (his next fight), Maybe Chuck and I would like to see a one off fight with maybe Sakuraba. The new generation of fighters in the HW's are simply too much for him to handle. Maybe Henderson at 205 could be intresting. Couture would be the bigger man and his tack ticks could work well. Maybe Henderson and Couture should work out a game plan for Henderson's next fight with Silva?


I agree. Silva is too precise and dodgeful to be caught by Couture. I think the fight would be similar to the latest Mir vs. Noguiera in that Silva would shoot several accurate and powerful shots to Couture and weaken him over the course of the first round or two. Then a precise blow still send Couture to the ground. I like Randy, but this matchup is not in his favour.


Not sure what Couture brings to that fight other than just being a tough old bastard. His only chance is to bring Silva to the mat but even there nothing is certain. I doubt you would ever see Henderson and Couture fight as they were teamates and friends plus Henderson and Couture have a very similar game the only difference being thier striking.


Silva has been to the mat before. There is no reason to think Randy wouldn't stand as good or better shot than anyone to get it there. He is also pretty tough in the clinch. He manhandled Gonzaga from the clinch and held his own against Lesnar.

To suggest that Randy has no shot is insane. The guy is a solid fighter regardless of his age. He's also smart enough not to fight Silva in space if he can help it. Could he get tapped on the chin? Sure, but I'll take the guy less likely to stand and trade with Silva. You want to see him continue to go against other strikers, fine. I think someone with different skills make a much more interesting match-up.


Would prefer Cro Cop or Fedor. (Yes, I know Cro Cop is -done-, but he's only looked really bad against opponents that have had a massive size advantage over him: Overeem, Kongo, Gonzaga)


I'm in total agreement with putting Silva up against other skill sets.

I wouldn't say Randy has "no shot", I just don't think Randy is fast enough to avoid too much damage while trying to get to the clinch. And after he's taken enough hits, Silva would likely have an advantage in the clinch or at least be able to break it with a knee or something.

The reason I don't like the idea from the UFC's perspective is it effectively dismisses the Heavyweight division, especially if Randy beats Nog.

I do agree it would be a HUGE money maker in terms of PPV buys.


If travis lutter can get silva down than theres no reason that couture cant, hes also capable of doing quite a bit more damage than lutter


Then it turns into who has more to worry about on the ground....Couture?..or Silva? People expected Henderson to GNP him....and Lutter to submit him. Silva submitted both. Damn...I think I just might be interested in seeing that fight since the discussion of it has taken off.

It beats talking about Silva..and RJJ..and Lesnar...and Goku...and Zeus Almighty.


I have trained under Randy back when Team Quest opened it's doors and have a tremendous amount of respect for him. I believe he has a chance against anyone, and would of very likely take it to the ground or up against the cage. I also don't want to see him get knocked out so I have mixed feelings on this


Take it back! Take it back!


It'd probably be like Randy vs. Chuck.


They fought three times....you referring to the last two matches were Randy got KTFO?


Unless your name is Fedor, Brock or Lyoto I don't think you are beating Anderson. Maybe Carwin by sixe adavantage. I think the most interesting fight for Anderson would be Rampage. Keeping to the topic though I think Randy is great but not great enough to avoid those punches from the Spider.


It sounds like another sacrificial lamb for Silva to slaughter.



There's always a chance for a freak punch, ALWAYS. But come on, how can we expect a guy who's near retirement to fare against arguably the greatest fighter out there?