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Couture Labs?

let’s ssay i just got some of this and never have tried this brand- i usually have my u.s. dr.j in the orlando area hook me up with legal scripts, but it can be expensive since my insurance doesn’t cover it nad now i have access to ALOT of couture labs products. i was wondering if anyone has used there products with great success and how well do they work? and let’s say i might have gotten some epo at a great deal too (zyrop) has anyone heard of these companies?

i believe the epo is legit, but the couture labs does not come sealled in a box, just a bottle. he says it’s to make the prices better since we might have ordered quanity… any advice? i lookedin the archives and found nothing that could help… any input would help. thanx :slight_smile:

I heard of them once, Seen their price list a few years back. So I know at least they have been around for a while.