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Course Knowledge to Share?


Im nearly 19 years old and have been training solidly for 3 years. I am just over 6ft and I currently weigh in around 170 pounds. Nutrition is good.
First course, thinking...

w 1-4 D-bol 20mg/ed (Just as a kickstart as the course is short and test E takes longer to affect)
w 1-7 Test En 300mg/ew
w 4-7 Proviron 25mg/ed

Just a short course to start, (I know test e is long esters so delayed gains, but second course would be longer after i get a good grip for it).

PCT advice please.
Many thanks


Youre very small. Youre young. Both of those together means you shouldnt be using steroids yet.


Not to mention already deficient in T and not bothering to properly address that first, as indicated by the same post he started yesterday:


OP: Please stop dumbing down this board.