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Couple Questions


Hello combat forum,

I've been taking a boxing class for about 3 months now. Its kind of a group fitness setup and fairly cookie cutter. I've relayed what we do back to a couple friends who use to box at an amateur level. And they said it pretty similar to how they trained as a boxing newb. I took Okinawan martial arts for a year or so in the past.

Boxing has really impressed me so far and I enjoy it. Its physically demanding especially when running a bodybuilding split. Watching boxing use to bore the shit out of me. Now its awesome especially older Tyson fights his movement is amazing. The sport's history beyond colorful and quite interesting.

So that said here is the question.

The boxing instructor I'm training with has a learning style I like. He corrects you if you're wrong and doesn't say much other than instruction. So this new " fitness trainer" wants to learn about setting up a class I guess. For the past two weeks this guy has been in the class.

So last week while working 2 minute rounds on the heavy bag, this babbling motherfucker stood right behind me calling every punch and combos. Basically, the same shit over and over and over again while interjecting constant fitness trainer babble.(This wasn't inline with what normal instructor said either, technique wise) I loathe this shit. I'm fairly sure this "trainer" has never boxed a day in his life. To add injury to insult after four rounds of heavy bag work he tells me "that took a lot of heart". At this point, I'm ready to tell this dipshit if he thinks that took heart he has no concept of heart or mental fortitude.

I'm fairly respectful of other peoples space and sovereignty. However, I almost stopped and told this guy to shut the fuck up. Because he was truly pissing me off. How disrespectful to my normal instructor would this be?

Note that my normal instructor asked each of us in the class what we thought of the trainer guy and I told him that he talked to much. And his reply was you thought that too hunh?

Second question:

I'm probably going to make the transition to an actual boxing gym once this class ends. I have no interest in stepping in the ring other than sparring. With weight training 4-5x a week this leaves me two days a week for boxing. Will an actual boxing gym take you on with this level of commitment?


Hey man,

It's great that you're liking boxing. I belonged to a boxing gym for a couple of years through college, did four years of TKD before that, and dabbled in some other styles. I try to keep up with my boxing whenever I'm using a gym with a heavy bag. The great thing about boxing as a style is that it's all about perfecting fundamentals. I recommend buying your own heavy bag, or even making one if you're in to that sort of thing. It's hard to get any real boxing work done in a generic gym without the sort of problems you're facing. I can't tell you how often people get in my way because they decide they want to goof off on the bag for a few minutes.

Boxing gyms will take you regardless of your level of comittment to the sport. It's a business like any other. You're going to be cutting them monthly checks; they don't care if you want to be the next golden gloves champion. I will say this though - I had no intention of competing when I was in a boxing gym, but having an instructor to point out my deficiences and help develop a style was invaluable at the time.

Next time that guy starts fucking with you while you're working, get pissed and hit the bag harder. You could call him out, but in my experience this usually creates more problems than it solves. Wear earphones. Ignore him. When you get to a real boxing gym nobody is going to act like that unless they actually known what they're talking about.

Good luck.


There are way more experienced guys on here who will no doubt provide better answers, but here are my thoughts:

Regarding obnoxious fitness trainer guy, that sucks. I hate that shit. Where is this class? Is it inside a regular-type gym where Boxing Guy is a guest instructor and Fitness-Douche works as a trainer or something? I'm not totally clear on this. Is Fitness-Douche trying to instruct the whole class, or just jumping in here and there? Sounds like Boxing Guy doesn't think too much of Fitness-Douche either.

In any event, I think it would probably be fairly uncool to tear a strip off the guy, but that's just me. Rather than telling F-D to STFU, I would probably speak privately with whomever is responsible for his being there, and/or whomever you paid for the class and possibly BG. Just give them your honest opinion as a customer. In the meantime, how much longer is this class? Maybe just try to tune F-D out and make the most of BG's coaching.

Regarding your second question, most boxing gyms where I live have different programs for different levels of commitment. 2-3 days a week is fairly common for a "recreational" type program all the way up to serious amateur/competition programs that are much more involved. Of course you get out what you put in and it will be hard to progress with boxing only training twice a week. However, if you just want to have a little fun hitting shit, someone will almost certainly accommodate you.


You did the right thing by ignoring the Fitness-Trainer guy. He is probably doing a combo of trying to help and trying to be the outgoing guy who signs clients. If you are in need of neither politely ignore him.

As far as boxing training goes:

Do it. If you enjoy it, keep doing it.

A very valid point can be made that working an honest 4-5 X a week bodybuilding routine while learning to box is going to hold back progress in boxing. It almost certainly will at some point. That is fine.

If you are only willing to commit 2 x a week for boxing and want to spend 5 x a week in the weightroom expect progress that is in line with a would be bodybuilder who also takes a boxing class. If you switched the commitment and boxed 4-5 x a week and lifted twice expect progress to come as a boxer who also lifts a couple days.

You do not need to make this kind of choice today or tomorrow. Join a boxing gym. Train hard when you are there. See how you like it. If you like it better than weights, than add a day of boxing and switch to a 3 x a week weight program. Currently 5/3/1 is the in vogue training program, and for good reason. Joe DeFranco has excellent 3 X a week programs as well.

I will say that even adding a light day of boxing on your own time, where you just try to practice some of what you learned during the week will pay huge dividends over time. So do it. Enjoy the hell out of it.


Robert A


My advice is to talk to the main instructor privately. Tell him that the fitness trainer guy really bothers you and that you would appreciate it if the instructor didn't have him bother you during class. If the fitness guy still insists on bothering you, then you can say something to him directly.

Secondly, I'm sure you can find a boxing gym that will take you only training 2-3 days a week. They get paid either way. They might not give you as much attention as the guys who are trying to fight either pro or amatuer of course, but I doubt they'll turn you away.


Making a heavy bag sounds interesting. I'll google it. Thanks for the input.


  1. Talk to the main instructor privately about this. Otherwise, just ignore the guy, blatantly. He calls out 1-2-3, you throw a double jab and a body shot. Keep doing it. He'll stop callin out combos once he realizes that you're doing exactly what you want and not listening to him. Promise.

  2. Just like a lifting gym, a boxing gym will take your money for the month no matter how often you want to go. Hell, if you want to pay them and not go at all, I think they'd be cool with it. Don't expect as much attention if your heart ain't in it though. Most trainers won't bother with you if you either don't plan on fighting or don't show heart and dedication.


Gentlemen or not so gentle men,

I largely agree with the sentiment that calling him out in class would cause problems. Sometimes taking the high road requires more discipline than acting out. I'll talk to the instructor. And yes, the boxing guy is a guest at this facility and the trainer works there.

I think it would be only be proper if a coach at a real boxing gym spends more time with a serious boxer than someone with my goals. Which are burn fat and be decent with my hands if I'm ever forced to use them.

I enjoy boxing and I really have to organize my split so I don't train certain body parts the two days before boxing. I do realize as with most things in life your gains come from effort and hard work. And boxing 2x a week isn't going to make me a bad ass boxer. I shadow box and work on techniques I learned in martial arts fairly often coupled with cardio.


thanks for the replies.



I was ignoring him and the dumb bastard kept calling out shit. I definitively though about rearanging his face with one of those combos. I won't lie...lol Bad form I know.

cheers and thanks for the reply


Forget this overtraining crap & do the boxing hard and do the bodybuilding hard.Eat well and sleep well and you ll end up big,strong,fast,lean and mean! :wink:)