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Couple Questions About Injections

I have a couple of q’s dealing primarily with injections. I would appreciate any input from gear vets so as to learn from your experiences and what works best for you!

1.What time of day do you feel is best to inject?

  1. Are certain inj. spots possibly more susceptible to infection/abcess on a personal basis? for ex, my left glute has always given me trouble where as other spots not so much.(safe and sanitary procedures are always taken, never inj more than once a week)

  2. If gear is stored in a syringe, is this unsafe and how long would you think it could be stored as such?

  3. To massage or not to massage post injection?

  4. Lightly work the muscle afterwards to increase absorption?

  5. Z-track?

Thanks in advance to anybody who takes the time to help me out here, also any other tips/tricks that seem to reduce possible post injection problems would be fantastic. I have researched, just want to know what works best for you guys that have years of experience.


Time of day isn’t important as the duration of action of injectables extends throughout the day.

I doubt there’s a difference in risk of infection: the problem causing the infection either exists or doesn’t, and if it doesn’t, no problem in it being in a different muscle; and if it does, being in a different muscle is unlikely to change the outcome then either.

It’s safe to store injectables in a syringe for at least a modest period (which I can’t define, at least a couple weeks, probably much more.) I suppose it might be possible that with time the latex or the plastic housing might degrade or leach something into the vegetable oil, which would be the only mode of problem that I can see, but even that seems doubtful and certainly not over any modest period of time.

As for massage, the main factors in whether the injection will be painful or not are the amount, the speed of injection (most inject way too fast), or the preparation containing excess amounts of an irritating agent such as benzyl alcohol. Massage will do far less to make up for such factors, than correcting the factors.

Absorption is fine, 100%, regardless of whether the muscle is worked or not.

There’s no need to Z-track except hypothetically if using too short a needle where there was a risk of leakage to subcutaneous. Even with a half-inch insulin needle, unless overfat that shouldn’t be the case.

thanks for the input Bill

Warm the loaded syringe on a hot pad set on low for 30 minutes prior. The oil flows much more easily. Also, inject very slowly.

Doing this, using alcohol liberally (on my skin and on the vial ;), I’ve never had any problems.

All the best.

(and Bill Roberts — great post!!)