Couple of questions

Anyone heard of advocare? they talked to me at nationals for wrestling last year and were filling me with all this bullshit i was so pissed… oh well and another question… has anyone tried those kind of workouts that exercise the fast twitch muscles like crzy… i saw this guy on espn who did all these crazy things that worked on quickness … it was really cool… he got picked in the draft for football.

I dont know anything about Advocare but I am familiar with the show you were watching on ESPN. In the world of strength training for athletic enhancement this kind of stuff is pretty common. It does work to drastically increase speed, quickness, and leaping ability but muscle growth from these types of routines is kind’ve an afterthought.

advocare is a MLM (multi level Marketing) Supplement company. Overpriced worthless crap.

spensor it is primarly the fast twitch fibers that i seak to activate and build could u plzz tell me wat these workouts entail as i would be extremely grateful and if you want to ask me any-thing feel free to do so.thanks in advance your t-bro FFB