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Couple of Questions

I’m kinda new to bodybuilding/strength training and got a couple of questions.

I bought a Bowflex and was wondering if any of you have ever used it and if any one has a really good work out that works.

Also, I’ve heard lots of “advice” from the average guys in the gym. I want to get advice from you guys that actually works in regards to techniques, exercises, and supplements.

I took creatine last year for about 2 or 3 months. I exploded in mass, but saw in dramatic gains in strength. I take whey (about 30 grams) 3 times a day and try to eat as much chicken, fish, and steak as possible to get some extra protien.

My main limiter is that I’m in the Air Force and can’t take some of the stuff the rest of you can, far as supplements. My bench is only 160 (go ahead and laugh, I know it’s sad) and my goal by Christmas is as close to 250-300 as possible.

Any suggestions?

Return the bowflex.

Read “Program Design 101” by Mike Robertson it covers the baisic ideas of weight training programs. Vroom has a post that is kind of a guide to this site for beginners. That article should make it easier for you to understand some of the other articles on this site

Thats about it read and learn the baisics and you can post questions about the stuff you read on the forums.

I agree return the bowflex and read these articles.
The Periodization Bible by Dave Tate
and the The Periodization Bible ? Part II and the program design 101.

check out elitefts.com for equipment

Good Luck!

Heh, to save you the searching…


Remember that just about anything you do when you are just starting out will lead to dramatic gains – and you probably wouldn’t need much by way of supplements at that time either.

Anyway, follow the link above and read up on some good programs. Pick something with heavy compound lifts like deads, squats, chins, dips and benches.

Creatine is a fine supplement and may help with mass increase, though some people seem to be non-responders. Now that prohormones have been banned, you should be able to use any remaining supplements that you like… without concern.

Just remember to get your nutrition and workouts in order before supplementing, as the supplements help, but only if you are doing the right things already anyway.

" Pick something with heavy compound lifts like deads, squats, chins, dips and benches."

these can not be accomplished effectively on the bowflex.

I appreciate the advice guys. I’m not really a newbie persay, I’ve followed/participated in weightlifting for about the last 4 years. I’m just trying to sort thru all the bullshit and get a routine that actually works now.

I actually bought the Bowflex to get in a “good” workout as I crawl out of bed and for shortly before I go to bed. Our gym is usually packed (its rather small) with the every day guys that go because they want to show off. Most of them aren’t lifting much more than me (usually around 200), but are much more leaner.

Anyways, my experience with creatine was less than favorable. I did gain quite a bit of mass, but it caused health concerns. After taking it for a while, I quit because I was unable to make it to gym on a regular schedule. Shortly there after I had a severe potassium deficiency. The doctor told me it was because the creatine used the potassium to “pump” the muscles. Anyone heard of this before or was the doctor blowing smoke?

Far as lifting goes, anyone have any advice for techniques? Pyramiding, max out once a week, etc? Thanks again for the advice guys.

Bro we gave you the best advice we could we recommended articles, written by some really talented people in this field, that explains all of that, sets reps pyramids all of it. READ

FORGET creatine, you dont need it. right now you need knowledge.