Couple of Questions

  1. I’m taking next week off of training (and I’m sure we all know how mentally tough that is.) After the week I’ll be doing phase IV of Limping, and Superstrength. (I just finished Phase III…in case you thought I was skipping). I’m currently doing 4100 calories and noticed some ok gains (I always wish they were better). During the week rest, I was thinking of dropping to 3500 calories (which is 700 cals above my maintanence) using mostly P+F meals since I’m not training. Then when I return to training going up to 4500 cals going with my usual 4 P+C and 4 P+F (properly timed) meals. Does this sound optimal? Anything that would be better?

  2. Any suggestions regarding coming off of Limping and Superstrength? Should I be continuing lifting that heavy? Should I go for higher reps lower intensity for a little while instead? I want to be sure to maintain my gains (or maybe even capitalize on the neural conditioning and gain some more). So what’s worked for you guys/gals?

As usual, thanks for the suggestions


  1. Why drop calories during the rest week? Are you worried about fat gain? I thought you wanted to ADD size? And if you do drop calories, why so much? That’s 1000 calories!

It does make sense to me to have more P+F meals and maybe eat your P+C meals as your first 2 meals of the day. But diet is so individual that you can probably make a better decision about this than any of us can, don’t you think? You know what you are doing.

  1. After I did these Ian King workouts, I was ready for something with more volume and not all those singles! Phase 4 is even heavier than Phase 3 and I was ready for a change when it was over. How about OVT or some other high volume program?

For me, the greatest strength AND size gains came during the 4-5 weeks after I finished Super Strength and Limping. I am not sure if that was unique to me, or maybe because I am female, or what, but you may see even more progress in the weeks to come!

Also, if I remember right, this the second time you’ve done this program. It might be that you won’t have AS MUCH of an increase in strength this time around.

Good luck!



He’s only going to be eating 600 calories less and it is still 700 above his maintenance. It should be enough to keep his gains and help facilitate recovery during the week off.


Looks like a good plan to me. I would just get in some form of exercise during your off week to help with recovery.

Ah! Right. I see my mistake. Thanks Jason.

Thanks Jason, and Lisa. I’ll be playing soccer twice help me not feel completely lazy, and still jacked about exercise.

Lisa, this is the second time I’ve done Superstrength, first for Limping. Thanks for the warning about possibly smaller gains this time around. I’ve noticed that for some of the movements.