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Couple of Questions

What’s going on everyone? Let’s get the stats out of the way first.

265 Lbs
6 years of total trying with 2 years max consistency.

Just got back into lifting about 3 months ago after a long break due to various issus. I blew up to 280, now down to 265 goal is 225-235.I am considering getting on some gear and never been on a cycle before. Just looking for some direction.

various issues? please explain. Typically, in my opinion, steroids should not be used by people that can’t stay consistent with everything, training, diet, etc. So that’s why I ask.

Just life at the time, lack of gym access. Money issues, couldn’t afford a gym/suppliments. My PTSD killed my motivation. I’m back now and have been consistent on my training supplements and diet. Accept I tend to have a few too many beers on Saturdays. However, I’m not interested in having a strict bodybuilding physique. More of a hybrid build with powerlifting.

My big 3 are fairly weak for my weight. 330/405/495

Well, you can start by reading the stickies at the top of this forum, then cone back with a proposed cycle.

Thanks Boss