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Couple of Questions WS4SB

Hey everyone I am thinking about starting ws4sb and was hoping I could get some things explained.

First when doing the max effort lift how many sets should one do?, how many warm up sets, and how much of an increase in weight each lift?

second how long should I perform the same exercises before changing lifts? 2-3 weeks?

Thanks in advance for your help.

How many warm up?? ma no sure answer depends enough to get warm and depends on your strenght. i9 mean big difference in someone pressing 500lbs and someone pressing 200.

atleat 3 sets if you load is LOW im usually in the 4-5 zone I guess prior to the max attempt.

How much to jump again depends on the load used at the end. Dont waste your energy on Junk reps make a big Jump. At least 50 lbs Id say from last warm up to max. if your more advanced Id say jump a plate or so to your new pr (90) lbs

Try and keep warm up sets out of the 90% raneg of your attempted PR. save the energy for the PR you can always do another set AFTER the real work is done in the 90% raneg zone get todays goal as fast as you can.


Start with the bar and go up by 10-20% of your estimated max. For example, if your max is 200 pounds, go up in weight 20-40 pounds with each set.