Couple of Questions Regarding Severe Dieting w/ Mag 10

I’m probably going to be starting a severe fat loss diet tomorrow similar to Bill’s recommendations while dieting with mag10 and Cy’s recommendations in his “Steroid Diet” article. just have a few questions though.

  1. i saw a post a few days ago where someone mentioned that they only were having 2 meals a day while following this type of diet. is this allright to do or is it better to still eat 6 times a day like usual?
  2. what should i do as far as cardio is concerned? should i do it first thing in the morning when i wake up or after training sessions? how many times a week, how long, etc..?
  3. should i add in more calories to make up for the calories i burn working out. 1600 calories is allready very low in the first place. if you use 600 in training that makes it only 1000 calories a day!
  4. how should i come off this type of diet? i was planning on going from that to JB's "don't diet" diet. while on the mag10 i will only be having 50g carbs a day. should i bump it up to 100, 150, 200 after the 2 weeks? also what about cardio once i come off the severe diet? how would that change?
hopefully the list worked right. if not i apologize. Thanks for the help.
  1. Eat 6 meals a day.

2. I would sprint first thing in the morning. Consume 5 grams of both glutamine and BCAA's immediatly before and after your session. Consume a personalized whey/malto/glucose drink with the aminos and glutamine after training.

3. No.

4. Cy recommends going directly to 1g of carbs per lb of LBM. I have done that in the past with no problem. Add 600mg of ALA with your 3 carb meals (200 per meal) for the first couple of weeks off the diet. The same cardio/supplement recommendations are fine should you continue with your cutting cycle.

Let me know if you have any other questions.



thanks for the reply Joel. just one more question. you recommended sprints for cardio. what sort of volume would you recommend on these? how long, how many days a week? jason had the idea of using berardi’s winning formula cardio protocal (it includes 30 second sprints followed by moderate cardio for 90 seconds) in anohter post i made and i think i like that idea. i wasn’t sure about the total amount of cardio to do though. i plan on doing a 4 day 5x5 split, and doing the anaerobic cardio as described in winning formula article on days 1 and 3 of my split and the aerobic cardio on days 2 and 4. if i did them for 30 minutes each that would be 2 hours a week of cardio. is that too much/little cardio for this type of diet or is that about right? once again, thanks for your help. oh yeah, also you mentioned ALA after coming off the diet. each cap of md6 has 100mg in it so would it work if i just took 2 caps of md6 with my 3 carb meals or would you still take another 200mg in addition to the md6?

The MD6 is sufficient. Take it 30 mins before meals and sprinting.

The winning formula suggestions are good; 2-3 sessions a week. Personaly, I'd do 6 sessions in two weeks, alternating between the winning formula workout and a shorter workout (12 mins: 4 mins warmup, 4 mins sprinting, and 4 mins cooldown) with 1:1/2 ration of max effort to rest. Essentially you would do each workout 3 times within the two week period for a total of 6 workouts. Also, I'd try to alternate my cardio and weight training days.

I would drop the other aerobic work...I don't think it's neccesary and it probably won't yield much additional benefit.

When coming off you recommended the ALA with carb meals. Does it matter if the ALA is taken pre or post meal? Thanks for your help!