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Couple of Questions on the Deload and Training Maxes

Hey everyone. I have been getting ready to run the 5/3/1 full body 5’s progression. I was listening to a podcast this am with Jim Wendler who referenced to deloading every 6 weeks or so. The first question is how would you program the fourth and fifth week? For example, the third week work set is 75%,85%, and 95% followed by a deload in the book. Since this sounds like it has been changed since the book was put out I was wondering what percentage you would go up to for the following weeks?

The next question is about training maxes. I have been running an RPE based program and all I have is an estimated 1 rep max and wasn’t sure if the estimated max would be a good starting point to use as the starting point or if I should try to find a more accurate number to use for my training maxes?

You don’t: you start your next training cycle at week 1, with the increases in TMs.

Ok to be clear on week 4 I would start a second training cycle using week 1 percentages and have upped my training maxes for my lifts. So for example if my bench training max was 200 lbs on week 4 I would use 205 lbs for the training max and start with the week 1 percentages

Yes this is correct. A deload every six weeks, is just 2 cycles and then a deload in week 7.

Excellent thank you