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Couple of Questions about Lifting


Hi Guys,

I just found this website, and it has so much awesome information. I have a few simple questions and was hoping to get some advice.

My current situation I have lifted on and off for 7-8 years doing basic bodybuilding stuff, with my body weight fluctuating.

I’m 5’8 220.2

I recently found the Strongman 5x5 routine and have fallen in love with it and have deiced to continue training in power lifting. When I began the training in January I was 238lbs. As of today I am 220.2 lbs. I had cut my calories to roughly 1200 a day. But now that I’m more into the powerlifting aspect and think its something I’d like to get more into, should I continue to cut weight? Or being to eat more and gain weight? I’m not trying to look all cut.( I understand the common misconception about people thinking powerlifters eat everything all the time.)

So any advice would be greatly appreciated.



1200 calories too low for pretty much anyone.

Eat clean/the right foods and you can up start upping your cals quite a bit(and use them to train harder)…


Thanks for the links and response. I keep hitting dead ends in finding a good diet to follow. I’m prior military so I can MAKE myself eat whatever and that article was great but I need to find a good nutrient dense plan, if you have any recommendations?


Badger please excuse me I didn’t see the second link you sent me. I think I will try the green face diet. And just so I understands big thing is no bread and carbs correct? Would it be an issue to supplement that with a protein shake a day? I usually do this when I’m too busy to eat



Supplementing with Protein shake is just fine.


Thanks for all the advice Badgerman. One last question with the diet I assume I’m cutting out all dairy (milk, cheese, dressing ect) I read that there are some exceptions so I’m kind of confused on that. Also I know this is more of a total opinion thing, but would you say give the green faces diet a run for a 30 days and then re-asses the situation? Thanks again for all the info


For me the main thing is that you totally cut out sugar/fast carbs and starches and any processed crap. A bit of dairy should be fine, a good amount of say quality full fat greek yogurt would be beneficial even.

Yeah 30 days and evaluate is a good plan