Couple of question to help out a big dumb animal

My friend is about 6’ 240 at about 20-25 bf%, which is pretty good consider he was 6’ 310 at who knows what body fat % only a year ago…anyway he started to take ECA stacks and pretty much because addicted, they no longer work for him, so i convinced take a month off from them, i think his metabolism shut down because he barely eats, and the ECA abuse so i told him about T-mag and am getting him to try T2 for a while, right now cause he doesn’t want to keep a food log (i tryed to get him to) i have him on the mrp diet and german compostion training along with the T2, does this Sounds good so far?

My friend also wants to try the fast fat diet (which i think he can handle) but i don’t think he wants to spray androsol all day, he would prefer a pill (he is 19) would 4-androstenediol in pill form still work like androsol? this kid is as strong as a bear (he also looks like one) and he wants to stay that way.

two quick notes: this isn’t one of those “it is for a friend but it is really for me” and i am sure someone (proably Shugs) will say he needs to keep a food log and what not but he is a BIG DUMB ANIMAL but he a good friend and works hard to lose fat but just doesn’t know how yet

First off at his age he is too young to be using androsol or any other prohormone. I wouldn’t even recommend he use t-2. What he needs to do is establish a healthy pattern of eating rather then trying to starve himself. Get his diet right…let his weight stabilize…lay off the ECA for a while…let his metabolism rebuild itself by putting on some lean mass and then he can analyze different diets to achieve further bodyfat loss.

Hey this is a good post. I was wondering about cycling ECA. I’ve read that staying on a long time can be good but i also know we should cycle products as well. so who knows the real answer? I recently was taking the eca for like 3 months and then just recently laid off for 2 weeks and started again today and whew what a difference, I am really hyped up but before it was having no effect, also could be because i switched brands. But I agree 100%, get the diet straight, i just started the food log and man is that a great idea. wait until you see what you’ve been eating and then complaining about fat loss.

well my new plan is not any special diet just high protein and moderate fats and carbs (40,30,30 or 50,25,25). Use cardio as well for the fat loss. Keep training the same, i believe in using cardio and diet for fat loss and just keeping up the weights so as not to loose muscle and maybe if i we're perfect gain some.

i think too many times we’re looking for the “perfect program” which is a myth and we need to realize there is none the answer is CONSISTENCY, hey i got my fat ass ready for a show (went from 255 to 205) in 12 weeks and looked pretty good and no special diet or training but i finally think i figured out the answer CONSISTENCY. I ate a high protein, mod carb and low fat the typical approach excess cardio and bam but it was consistent over 12 weeks.

I believe in the advice and programs at T-mag that is why I lowered my cardio, up good fat intake and got the diet log but I know my program will work if i stick to it, and i hope to post pics if or should i say when i complete it.

Dave P