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Couple of Insulin Questions


Hi guys, I've been using insulin about 45 minutes before workout but have read about a lot of people using insulin the morning after a hard training session and even with every meal in advanced applications. It was always my understanding that you should completely avoid fats while insulin is active in your system - so if you are taking it multiple times a day and several 4.5 hour windows of insulin activity, how do you avoid fats?

Also, can anyone explain to what degree GH affects insulin sensitivity especially regarding timing?

Right now, I'm taking 2.5 iu gh at 8 am, 2.5 iu gh at 3pm, and 10iu novolin-r at 7:30pm. I usually have about 20 carbs (quinoa/rice) at 7pm, 40 carbs (karboload) at 8pm, sip on 50 carbs (karboload) from 8:30-9:30 during training, and another 20 carbs (karboload) within 30 minutes of training. Of course I have plenty of hydro and whey throughout this time period, and no fats at all aside from 30 min before I even pin the slin. Does this all look OK? I have never felt hypo at all with 10 iu and this amount of carbs, so I was thinking of reducing my carbs a bit since I read you don't want to take on too many carbs or your body will stop shuttling protein


bump... anyone?


Not too many regular members have experience with insulin that I know of. It's a bit advanced for your everyday lifter. Perhaps why you haven't received a reply.

Perhaps this would be a good topic to ask Shadow Pro. His threads are at the top of the page.