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Couple of HCG Questions. Trying It Again

I’m prescribed 150mg T cyp/week and 900IU HCG/week by Defy. When I started both, I started getting really really anxious. I dropped the HCG and it seemed to help. Since then I’ve slowly started feeling like something is missing (not my balls), and have decided to give HCG another shot. I do miss the extra confidence I feel on it.

After getting talked into going for a second opinion, the urologist I saw suggested that I start HCG lower, but that if I ever want kids, I should really consider staying on it.

I’ve fought the urge to start again at a high dose, and have decided on 100IU 3x/week to see how I feel. The plan is to increase it a little bit each week then, as HCG has a much shorter half life. Really just testing for side effects, then I plan to let it settle in for weeks/months once I’m comfortable. Additionally, I wonder if it was previously creating too much pregnenolone/progesterone/etc on top of what my body was making itself, leaving me feeling jittery and uncomfortable.

I have a couple of questions, hoping to get some opinion:

  1. Would a 100IU/week total increase be reasonable? Like 300 this week, 400 next week, etc. Looking to take it slow but get up to a working dose in reasonable time. Also I don’t want to drag it out too long, and months later realize it’s making me anxious again without me noticing due to the slow onset.
  2. The other doctor claimed HCG is useless under 500IU/week. Is there a scientific reason for this, or is that just a general threshold?

This seems like the wrong move, if you eliminated HCG from your TRT protocol and the anxiety decreased common sense tells me adding it back in can only have one outcome for someone having a lot of problems with estrogen.


Really really don’t think I’m having any problem with estrogen since dropping the AI game. My E2 has been as high as 50 in the past and I felt fine.

Wasn’t as simple as eliminated HCG and anxiety decreased though, sadly. More like…injecting 300IU HCG seemed to cause anxiety (but was also taking an AI then), but anxiety has been going up more rapidly since eliminating HCG.

I’ve had more supplement experiments go wrong from not trying a low dose than I can count.

Figure it’s worth another shot to see if I would benefit, now that a lot of other things have settled.

I will add that from my thread yesterday, adding magnesium again seems to have helped substantially. @dextermorgan

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I was running a similar protocol to you.

Test C 150 per week split MWF
HCG 333 iu MWF
Adex 0.125 mg MF
Cytomel 25 mcg ED

I dropped the adex as I was having anxiety and depression. When I did that I lowered the HCG to 250 IU MWF, but now I am doing 150 IU MWF.

FWIW, a study on ITT (inter testicular testosterone) was done with men on T, and different doses of HCG. ITT is correlated with sperm health and production.

Basically, men on placebo and Test C (all groups had Test C) saw a 94% drop in ITT in three weeks (short study), the group on 125 IU HCG EOD saw a 25% reduction in ITT, the group on 250 IU HCG EOD saw a 7% reduction, and the 500 IU HCG EOD group saw a 26% increase in ITT.

With 100 IU 3X a week, it will help much more for fertility than nothing, IMO. However, you will likely have a reduction in ITT. The group on 125 IU EOD takes on average 437.5 IU a week, and still had a pretty big reduction in ITT (25%).

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I saw this study a while back. Actually answers another question I had but forgot about, how much HCG can raise T.

This is interesting as Defy thinks I’m a combination of primary/secondary, and I believe in secondary guys, HCG has the potential to raise T a lot more as the testes still work. In other words, that 150ui (or whatever) might go a lot further than for someone who’s mostly primary. I assume, all speculation.

For your purposes, I think so.

You saw the above study. Generally, 750IU/week divided into two or three injections is thought to be the minimum for fertility.

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Hi @bigmistake2 everyone is different. No one can really answer your question they will be guessing based on what worked or did not work for them.

So here what HCG has done for me. I have tried 500iu a week and my balls ached. My script is 800iu/wk I have gone up to 1500iu /wk with no advantages. 800iu/wk 2 shots 400iu Mon and Thurs is what works for me. ((( PAIN ))) in the nuts is the only reason I take HCG. I was cut in 1985 so I can’t make babies. I have tried to stop and the pain always returns.

Now that I am 6 years down this TRT rabbit hole I have learned your hormones are all over the place for about 2 years. Nothing will make sense and you will just be guessing and more than likely you will be guessing wrong as to why this or that is happening.
An it doesn’t help we have a bunch of yahoos’ on forums like this stirring the pot with outrageous made up theories of how all this works. Next time you take advice from some one ask them if there protocol is stable and working. Then ask to see their bloods since lying happens a lot around here. Best of luck to you my friend I hope I have helped.


Yea, like a certain someone else on here who suggested I try 100mg/week and stick to it, even though my bloodwork showed my levels lower than pre-TRT and I was feeling progressively worse lol.

Appreciate you sharing on the HCG. I decided to try 150IU today, and so far so good. I know it usually takes a day to settle in so we’ll see.

One more thing - guys who started HCG and found it to be beneficial overall, how long did it take to notice?

My dull ball ache went away in 3-4 days I inject 400iu twice a week. I have no other side good or bad on 800iu/wk just no ball pain. They are still smaller softer and mushier(is that a word) than I remember.

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Forget if you’ve mentioned, but how long did you go without HCG?

I miscalculated and ran out for about 6 week. I still had another 3 weeks before I could order my T I wanted to wait to save the 15 buck shipping charge but could not the pain just sucked so I ordered early.