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Couple of General Questions

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To me, grip strength is directly linked to CNS exhaustion… Which, mind you, depends on physical exertion, but also sleep, stress levels etc. An improved grip means I’m well rested, if it goes downhill over the course of several weeks I know my body is having a hard time with the current pace of my life.[/quote]

My grip is strong when I lift. It just takes warmups to get the muscles in my hand going. Also, I continue to progress in both weight lifted and reps. I have no sense of over training, exhaustion, etc.


Maybe entirely unrelated, maybe not. I used to experience the same thing playing piano with respect to simply needing to let the muscles of my hand warm up. Colder weather (about anything under 50 degrees) seemed to make it take quite a bit longer.

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Just get it done and you will feel better after for it.

Words to live by! There are so many days I get out of bed and think “fuck I’m not feeling working out today”, but I ALWAYS do! And they are some of the better workouts. Something changes midway through workout. A good set, and kick ass song, a sweet pump,etc. Then there are days I wake up great and I’m dying to get to gym and have the suckyassed workout and fail with less weight or reps as last session. Showing up is key!