Couple of easy questions I need help with

Hey guys and gals. Hopefully some easy questions I need clarifying. First is week off. Let’s say you do workout A on Monday, B on Wednesday, and C on Friday. You did C Friday and now it is time for your “week off”. When would you start back and with what workout. Logic tells me that you skip the next M-W-F and start back with A the following Monday. That is two weeks between workouts for those body parts and I just think that is too much. What do you guys do?

Second, it has been stated here that for impressive shoulder strength you need to be military pressing your body weight for 6-8 reps. I weigh around 250-55 and am currently only doing 195x3. My spine feels like it is going to pop out!! My question, is this a safe lower back exercise (I can continue to go up in weight) and do you guys use momentum to lift up body weight poundages or is it strictly arms/shoulders with no momentum.

What stuff are you doing in workouts A B & C? If they’re similar lifts, like bench press on A , overhead press on B, dips on C, then the following monday you could probably go back to doing A. A week between workouts with a certain lift is plenty of rest even if you’re working the same muscles. For the military press problem, train more for your lower back if you think it’s too weak. Do your deadlifts, oly lifts & pulls, hypers, etc. & do the presses strict. I’ve found that a good way to improve the press is to do lots & lots of singles, like 10-15 with only a minute or so between reps.

Why are you taking a week off?

Take the week off. The week off is meant to be restorative and to allow for something called strategic deconditioning. Bryan Haycock has written about this at It basically primes your body for better growth. Anyway, it tooks years to build up to your strength level. It is going to take much more time than one week off of all training and two weeks between body parts. Try the rest week.

Hmmmm raises eyebrow. My first inclination would be that after a week layoff, you should hit your weak point. For example, if your legs are week, hit them first and so on. But, I’ll ask first, you’re doing a one-week on and one-week off?

Thanks for the info so far! I do Shoulders/Tri on Wed. - A, Chest/Back on Fri - B, and Legs/Biceps on Sun - C. I do all the big boys (bench, rows, dips, military press, squat, deadlifts, good mornings, and throw in extras like curls, calf raises, etc.) So if I did the above workout W/F/S when do I do the Wed - shoulders and tri’s again? Skip the whole week and start back the following Wed - 2 weeks between shoulder workouts??? Also, I will keep trying to move up on military press and concentrate on lower back work, but any ideas on my momentum question?

If you are in the seated postition with back to your pad and doing SP there should be no momemtum in your lift. If you do that and back is not on the pad this will damage your spinal process thats why your back feels like its going to pop out.

If you are doing Push Press momementum does get involved but you are squating and then pushing up if the weight gets heavy there for it elevates the pressure on the spine…

Bump for more week off and max press info…Thanks.