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Couple of Blood Test Questions

I’m going on 46 soon and having my 3 yr physical and blood test to celebrate… :slight_smile:

About a year ago I saw an article or maybe a forum thread on what a >40 man should be getting his blood tested for and things to ask during a physical. But I can’t seem to find that article/thread. (yes I googled too - got a lot about blood test results)

I’m a natural lifter - carry a lot of weight for strength sports - 5’9" 240-ish, 18% BF. Previous physicals I’ve just gotten the basics - general health, prostrate exam last time at 43, basic blood test. Nothing has been out of the ordinary in the past - good cholesterol numbers, good BP, all regular blood numbers (except iron a bit high) were in the ranges recommended.

But if there are some specific recommendations - I would appreciate your response. Or point me to one of those lost articles/threads

hey there bear - you should check out the sticky thread (at the top of this forum) titled Lab, Blood Testing, and Symptoms. There is a large number of recommended tests.

basics include:
Total Testosterone
Estradiol, Sensitive (if you have any symptoms)
8am Cortisol

  • all of your standard tests: CBC, Lipids, etc.

Also GET the actual test results from the doctor’s office. DO NOT accept “oh, your test results came back fine or within range”. You are a paying customer. Make them fax you the results or get a new doctor, or ask for the results to be transferred, then get them from your new doctor. DO NOT believe the ranges the lab report shows. Do your own research. NORMAL lab ranges does not equal IDEAL.

Ahhh… thanks very much Pure… exactly what I was looking for… knew it was out there, just didn’t know where… my memory fades at this age… :slight_smile: