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Couple of ART-Related Questions

First, has anybody used ART with any kind of success on their shoulder? There is some fairly excessive grinding and popping, or at least what I perceive as such, going on in my left shoulder beneath the delt. This shoulder tends to get sore easily even with limited ROM, and as a result of all this, it’s a good deal weaker than my right. With db shoulder presses, I can usually get out an extra 3-4 reps from my right side, and I’m able to do so with a much greater degree of stability and control.

I do work my rotator cuffs, but my left still has a more difficult time and is prone to getting sore.

Does this sound like something that ART may be able to fix…or at least help?

Also, is there anyone from Ottawa who has had it done in the city? Any recommendations as to decent ART clinics?

Thanks all.

Should be able to help. Try the provider finder. I don’t know anyone their personally.