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Couple HPMass Questions (Your Opinion)


I've got a couple of question, any responses would be much appreciated.

How often should the presses be retested? I'm on the fourth week. I plan to do the program for at least 12 weeks before I think about a switch up.

The next question is merely an opinion question. I just want to know what you would do in the given situation:

When I do some of the presses they are with DB's. And becuase of the wave loading I have to get a new pair every set for a lot of sets. Sometimes the next set's weight is taken. What do you do?

What I did was ask to use the weight after their set and just did 1-2 reps with the current weight I have every 30-45 seconds of waiting.

Just want to hear what you would do.



1.) I retested at 6 weeks

2.) The DB issue is a non-issue because the main lifts are to be done with a barbell.


Dude...re-read the article, that's what you should do and you'd find all the answers there.

If you don't like BB, then you're unfortunately stuck playing shuffle the dumbbells with other users.


Yeah, definitely re-read the article. I don't recall CT recommending using DB's over BB's for the exercises he suggests for the core A, B, and C exercises. Assistance work and warm-up sets are different.

Plus, using the percent of 3RM that CT states I find it hard to believe that you'll be able to ramp the weight up precisely or be more precise on the wave loading portion.


Thibs has told me that you CAN use DBs if preferred but that in most gyms there arent DBs haevy enough for most of his clients to use. and what i would do is find my 3RM with the DBs and take 87.5% of EACH DB so that when you do the set progressions you dont have to worry about 2.5 pound increments in each hand. and just tell everyone else at the DB rack that youre going to hoard the DBs you need and that they can just suck it up while you do 16 sets of OHP on your third week because youre doing a better program than they are =P. haha


LOL, that's priceless.