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Countrygirl 2018 Log



…slowly but yes my doctor gave his permission to get back at it in the gym :laughing: there are restrictions but I’m really thankful!!

14min mile on the treadmill- this caused some uncomfortable pressure with light aches but I wanted to do the full mile so I did.

784 meters rowing with a 2:44 pace- wasn’t bad just slow. No uncomfortableness.

Elliptical- tried but not enough to count. I didn’t have pain just weakness.

I was very weak but wanted to do something even if it was at a slow pace. I was just excited to be at the gym moving again :slightly_smiling_face: Another appointment Wednesday and hopefully I can learn more about building strength.


You can do it :hugs:


Congrats! Looking forward to seeing you come back coming back stronger than ever.


Yep, not much there, a pub and couple of houses. Right near Brachina Gorge and Wilpena which is worth a look if your there though.


This is great news CG
Take it easy the first couple of weeks, it would be so not good if the injury comes back :slight_smile:


Great to hear. Take your comeback slow. Just get moving again first, then you can worry about intensity.


@girlgotguns thank you! It is always great to hear that :blush: Hope you have been doing good!!


@littlesleeper thank you! I appreciate the support especially coming from someone hardcore like you. I keep telling myself that’s the goal to make it back even better :grin:


@mortdk I’m trying not to push too hard but the want to do so much is there. I do remind myself how much I don’t need to go backwards though and take it slow.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY :birthday: young Mortdk!! :joy:


@ActivitiesGuy YES! Very good advice because the intensity part really let me down. Of course I knew I wouldn’t be at the same level but had no clue what to expect. I will see what a week does to me and how I progress.


I had a very busy weekend so no gym yesterday or today but I was still pretty active. I did manage to buy a lot of healthy groceries and the price of grapes about gave me a heart attack :face_with_raised_eyebrow: and they were very bitter tasting. Argh! Since wine is made of grapes I guess I could substitute and still maintain my healthy diet :wine_glass: I mean it is cheaper then that bag of grapes so win win!

I went to a picnic and there was a lot of fantastic looking food! The food is always unhealthy and heavy enough to make people feel like death after …my kind of food for sure :drooling_face: I ended up with a piece of ham and some beans. Clean eating sucks!!

Workout plan for the week :roll_eyes: I have no plan! Yes I’ll be going to the gym and possibly doing the treadmill and rowing like before. I am anxious to work with weights but need a little body strength before jumping to that. It’s almost like getting over the flu and feeling that type of weak after… kinda. No worries I will stay motivated because next month I will be laying on a Florida beach taking it easy :beach_umbrella::beers::crazy_face: looking for motivation from the beach bodies I see!


Sounds good


@duketheslaya I hope so :blush:


Me too! Just don’t get sunburnt.


Beach + drinks = crazy Countrygirl?

Aussie land has really nice beaches and super yummy drinks… Just sayin :wink:


And everything that walks, crawls, fly or swim can kill you :slight_smile:


Haha, it’s not that bad here.


You forgot the sun


@Irishman92 yep that’s pretty much how it goes :blush::wink: …I would love to visit there for sure! I need to try all the crazy sounding food and drinks.


@mortdk HA :joy: I’m always up for an adventure so I guess that would work.