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Countrygirl 2018 Log


I took another break away from T Nation because I was so crazy busy with life. I am still working out and ready for a new 2018 log hopefully full of successful gains. I plan to really stick around this time because the people and information I find on here pushes me forward…

Current Goals Before Summer:
I want to take off 6lbs of fat
I want to tone up my thighs and abs
I want to define my upper body
I want to step up my weight lifting and will post more of what I’m currently lifting soon.

I was out of town for some business meetings and people were joking about how much weight they gained and how I will look like them when I’m at retirement age :flushed: That hit home hard because I don’t ever want to get to the point of joking about weight issues! There were others my age that talked about all the health issues they have because of their weight and it scared me a lot to hear that.

Please feel free to share thoughts and ask questions because I can always use the help. Thank you.


I’m in. What’s your training lookin like?


Nice @lord_humongous I appreciate it!

I am honestly all over the place more than ever. I am working out everyday but my routine got completely jacked up. Example: Monday biceps and triceps, Tuesday legs, Wednesday biceps and triceps, Thursday cardio, Friday and Saturday cardio and abs… I have been winging it hardcore and not even keeping track of my weights. I need to sit down with my calendar and plan my weeks out like I was. I also have been looking into getting an online trainer to keep me in check so I’m more accountable to someone other then myself.


Sounds like some gym bros I know :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I had thought about doing this before too, but I’ve found that keeping my log on here up to date, and staying involved and making “internet” friends on here keeps me way more consistent than I used to be. Plus starting little competitions and talking shit are good motivation too lol. I’m in a race to a Squaf/DL total of 950 with @Despade and a 315x5 front squat with @isdatnutty.

@ChickenLittle @Powerpuff @Spock81 are all really cool fit chicks on here


When you don’t include @planetcybertron in the cool list cos she called you out that one time in the GIF Dump.


LOL… great I fit right in with your gym bros :joy: tell them to look me up and we can be all over the place together! At least I know you have a good since of humor.

I agree those ladies are awesome and I have been following them too from when I was on before. They are very hardworking and dedicated for sure.

I know I’m going to be fine I just need to get my head back into it like I was before. I still have a good base but am not where I want to be. People say that my shape looks great but it’s more of a me thing and what I want for myself! I don’t live in a big fitness area and that makes me want it that much more.


R.I.P @planetcybertron


Remembered but never forgotten,forever in our hearts lol


@lord_humongous dis u

@countrygirl2016 um welcome back I guess. Since I’m already here posting GIFs I’ll be in for your log too and moral support and stuff.


Speechless… I have no clue what just happened lol but I feel like I’m missing something?


Daaaamn, I knew I was forgetting somebody.
@planetcybertron plz 4gives meh.

Also @guineapig if I quit talking to people every time they called me out on some stupid shit I said I wouldn’t have anyone to talk to lol

Edit: @khangles that GIF was too meta for me. I have no idea what just happened


Not really. These are the three stooges, they love GIFs and trash talk


I dunno about really cool @lord_humongous LOL more like quite nerdy, awkward gym obsesser girl, but thanks.
And I agree , logging on here and having people following your progress can be quite motivating. When I have amazing workouts the thing I am most excited about is telling everyone haha. Cheaper than an online trainer …which could be good too but there are a lot of shitty ones out there .
You seem very dedicated yourself @countrygirl2016. I think you’re doing an amazing job .


Not propah explanation / 10. No context or links to relevant posts with accompanying pics/memes/GIFs.


What happens in the Dump stays in the Dump


@Spock81 I appreciate the compliment and advice! I am going to keep up with your log and see what I can learn. I also am going to dedicate more time to posting exactly what I’ve done so the more experienced can hopefully share thoughts on what I could do better.


OOOOOOO sheit!

Yall done messed up, leaving me out!

Coming for everyone’s asses.
And by everyone I just mean
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In the GIF dump. will Not say when, wont say why (although pretty obvious why. You traitor). Its just gonna happen.

Actually I changed my mind. Y’all LET him forget…just as guilty!!! Everyone!!!


Welcome!..Back! I don’t reckon we’ve ever conversed on the forums here. Sometimes I take long breaks in between interacting with folks on here, because I’m incompetent like that lol. In for gains, as always.

Considering the last fiasco that went down when a previous chick decided to start logging on here, I already like you, and I don’t even know you, but judging from the last log I skimmed through really quick, you’re a breath of fresh air.

You’re more than welcome to kick it with Spockie, Brute, Puff, and myself whenever. If you have questions, just shoot me a tag, and ill talk to you death lol.


One of my favourite threads since I’ve been around. Lol

@planetcybertron dont make me get the bug spray :wink:



Ilm in on the new log

Well Don 't forget @MarkKO and @yogi1

Yogi goes mental if you forget him



I like that one better