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Country Music


Any other fans here? Especially the older stuff like Merle Haggard, Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, David Allen Coe,etc.?
It's kind of strange for a city kid to get into this stuff, but somehow now I can't get enough of it.


I like the newer stuff.


I'm a big Merle Haggard fan.

Here's a pretty good thread to dig through:


Yeah, along with everything else.

Just finished up playing in a country band:


We took a lot of the older stuff and rocked it up. I love the old HW and George Jones stuff. The older I get, the more sense George Strait makes. Lot of great (albeit unknown/underrated) guitar players in the scene right now.


I'm a fairly big fan of texas or red dirt country. Most of the stuff on the radio these days sucks.

Check out:
Reckless Kelly
Shooter Jennings
Roger Creager
Jerry Jeff Walker
Cross Canadian Ragweed
Kevin Fowler

If I haven't heard in a honkey tonk it's just hickpop from nashville.


Reckless Kelly is my number 3 favorite right now behind (old) Jack Ingram, and Randy Rogers.


I have heard Reckless Kelly, some of his stuff I like, some of it I am not so crazy about. There is a music video show called Wide Open Country on that plays some of his videos.

Shooter Jennings, I am not so crazy about. I bought the Wolf and was disappointed. I like his dad's music a lot beter. To me Shooter is more of southern rock than anything else.

I haven't heard of the others, but will go over to myspace and check them out.

Like I said, I mostly listen to old stuff, but I do like some new artists as well.

My two favorite ones are Dwight Yoakam and Hank Williams 3. I also like some of Junior Brown's stuff (amazing musician...)

This guy has some good stuff too, his name is Trent Summar:

BTW, if you haven't heard Hank 3 yet, check out these two songs Country Heroes and Dick in Dixie:

Country heroes has to be one of the greatest drinking songs ever recorded!

The man has some serious pedigree considering who is dad and grandpa were!


Check this guy out: Junior Brown

Check out highway patrol. This guy actually invented his own instrument the Guit-steel which has both a steel guitar and a regular guitar combined.

Check out this video of him playing his creation:


All are great BUT
You forgot a few:

Stoney Larue
Bleu Edmondson
Robert Earl Keen
Wade Bowen
K'Cee Edwards
Bart Crow Band

The music down here is infinitely better than Nashville's brand of country. I moved down here from Chicago better than four years ago, and took to the music right away. If your out of the state of TX, its tough to get a hold of or know about Red Dirt. Check out www.radiofreetexas.org



I absolutely cannot stand newer "country" (singing bubblegum pop with a fake accent doesn't make it country, IMO) but my grandma always laughs when she gets in my Jeep and the radio is tuned to the same country classics station she listens to. Good old fashioned beer drinking, fence mending, two-stepping music.


I like Hank III and Robert Earle Keene in addition to most of the bands listed here.

Probably my favorite "country" album would have to be Guitar Town by Steve Earle. That's the Steve Earle before the went clean and started being all activist.

I never understood why country musicians think they sound better clean and sober. There's never been a true country hero that wasn't stoned or drunk through the best days of their career.



I just saw Trent do a show Sunday, funny you should mention him.

Looks like you like the REALY country stuff, so try Aaron Watson. He is as country as they come and his show is a hell of a show for being so country, George Strait aint got shit on Aaron.

And maybe some Dale Watson...


Check out Ashton Shepherd, a new artist, a little mainstream perhaps but I like her a lot

 I agree with most of you guys, pop country today isnt that good at all. I wouldn't even call it country. Some real good stuff is still out there like Hank Williams III, Shooter, Robert Earl Keen, and I cannot get enough Chris Knight.

 I can't wait; I get to see Shooter and Charlie Daniels on Saterday in Baltiomre.


contrary to that prick in Nashville "john walker blues" is a good song


I'm a big Brad Paisley fan. He might be mainstream but his band puts on an amazing show.


Actually I have heard of Dale Watson and I do like what I have heard of him, including this video of his:

Aaron Watson I had never heard of before you mentioned him.

I have only been into country music for about maybe 6 months or so.

As for how I got into it, that's a story unto itself...

Basically I am a big Joaquin Phoenix fan and when Walk the Line came out, well, I didn't know anything about Johnny Cash or country music for that matter, but I wanted to see the movie because of Joaquin Phoenix and not too mention that I think that Reese Witherspoon is the hottest chick in Hollywood,lol.

So anyway, I loved the movie and found myself liking the music a lot. So I bought a few Johnny Cash cds and became a fan.
Although I think that song of his, The night Hank Williams Came to Town really got me into the real country sound.

So, until this point I never checked out any other artist besides Johnny Cash, who by now I had read a biography of and became a big fan of his, when I am flipping through the television channels one night, and I see this special on about Waylon Jennings.

I heard that song "The Conversation" with him and Hank Williams Jr. and loved it. So decided to take a shot on Hank Williams Jr. then his dad and finally Waylon Jennings and then Merle Haggard.

By this time I officially became a country music fanatic, which kind of blew away my family and friends because for most of my childhood I was strictly heavy metal,lol.

Anyway, I am enjoying all of these recommendations and this weekend I am going to scour the my space pages to check out these recommendations, so keep them coming.


Whenever I tune into CMT and watch some music videos I notice that there is this generic sound that comes out of Nashville these days. They all seem to tune their guitars in a similar manner. I also notice that you don't hear a strong steel guitar (which I love the sound of), heavy fiddles, or any of rockabilly influenced stuff (aka Johnny Cash) in the music.

About the only mainstream stuff to me that sounds half way decent in Allen Jackson and maybe Gretchen Wilson. Well I can't be too honest about Wilson because honestly when I set my eyes on her I am just thinking about fucking her brains out,lol. But I do like the one that she did with Merle Haggard.

Speaking of great videos, this one take the cake:

For an old guy Willie still rocks!


Speaking of Merle... he has teamed up with some other hotties:

She's another goddess.


Whats with David Allen and all those nigger songs? I haven't heard so many N bombs in a rap song.