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Country Boys

So, I’m lost without Monday Night Football.

Found myself surfing around last night to find something worth watching.

Landed on “Antiques Road Show” and found interest in it, betting with my GF on the appraisals of people’s stuff…

Anyway, after ARS was over a Frontline exclusive came on called “Country Boys”

Have any of you all watched this?

The show follows two kids (aged 16-17ish) through their lives in Eastern Kentucky, otherwise known as Appalachia. It was fascinating to watch this documentary unfold as these two kids go through “alternative education” at a non profit, donation based school, as well as how their family situations were. One kid, Cody, has no mom, no dad, (dad killed himself after he shot Cody’s step-mom, and Cody’s birthmother died when he was 5 months old.) and lives with his Step Grandma. The other kid, Chris, lives in a clump of trailer homes with his alcoholic dad and rarely there mom and their all trying to get by in a region of the US that is appallingly poor.

Anyway, I came away from that program very thankful for what I have, and wondering what kind of solutions are out there for such an impoverished region of our own country. It rang especially clear to me seeing how the mining trajedy is still in the headlines…

The second Episode airs on PBS tonight at 9:00, and the third tomorrow night at 9:00 (eastern and pacific) Episode one can be viewed on the PBS site here…



Some TRUE country boys…

Whoops, I didnt read the whole post and now, after reading it, I feel like a dick.