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Countries with Test P, Var, or Dbol in Pharmacy?


i'm want some hg test p, var or dbol.
i could breng them from a holiday
but which country has either one or more of these.

here in belgium you get only:
sust, deca, proviron, androstanolone
test caps, cream and patches
ai's, serm's
pregnyl i'm not sure
hgh and slin

so no short esters


Sustanon 250 has propionate, 30mg of it.


Wait.... You can buy all of that over the counter in Belgium?


and the rest too

no with prescription, it's not easy to get one, but not undoable


Wish it was that easy over here, 99% of the doctors go into anaphylactic shock when they hear you need a prescription for gear. Lucky me there is a pretty nice black market.


i think it's about the same, just find that 1% and you're da man