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Countries That Over-complicate Bodybuilding


Not sure how to word this (or what forum to post it in), but has anyone else noticed there seems to be large groups of people of certain nationalities who seem more prone to over-complicate things concerning bodybuilding?

I'm quite interested in this sort of topic...

What I have noticed (not saying it's always the case), but people from areas like Scandinavia (e.g. Sweden & Denmark etc), Greece/Italy seem to absolutely LOVE the "intelligent" side of bodybuilding. They are probably the most likely of the types to "see the tree and not the forrest".

Maybe it's because of their love of philosophy/intellectual pursuits?

What do you think?

PS - hope not to cause offence/stereotype everyone here lol


Well if you read around on this forum a bit you can clearly see that a lot of people in every country over complicate BBing... I don't think it's because of a love for philosophy... It's cause they're retarded.


^^^ LOL


On a related note, I have noticed that you hardly ever see a black guy get too distracted or obsess over the details. They are more likely to learn by experience/instinct (they tend to just get on with it more)...

Or maybe my experience/observation is too limited?


stereotypes are for losers LOL



true but sad (mega)LOL


Yeah I think that one black guy in Scotland is probably making progress right now!


I didn't realize a person's ethnicity was automatically available when they post?

How do YOU know what race everyone is? Do you just assume everyone that posts is white unless they say otherwise?

That said, black americans have much more athletic role models than most white americans, and I would also say that in general lower-class people don't have the luxury of overcomplicating their hobbies (and black people, proportionally, make up a greater percentage of the lower-class in America, but you also see this with anyone that doesn't have much in the way of money or infinite access to computers and books).

When you don't have a lot, you don't want to wait around for results. Once these people identify what has worked for everyone else, they get on with it for the most part. People that live a very comfortable life can afford to shit around and try their best to avoid hard work in favor of finding a more "efficient" way to gain (which I have never seen pan out for anyone either).

But it isn't because they're "black" or "white".


Speaking from personal experience, I didn't stop overcomplicating things until I moved away from my parents and began living under the poverty line. When you have to cancel your home phone line so you can afford this chicken breast in front of you, you don't let that protein go to waste.

When I was 16-18 though, I thought I had all the time in world, and lived comfortably enough to never make real progress. A steak was just a steak. Now, a steak is an investment. Environment definitely matters as far as motivation goes, in my opinion.


Haha, don't be stupid, there is at least 10 here


Mike from Italy (Buzza) - don't worry, I know you are a very unique individual (you are special) lol

Mr Popular - interesting, never looked at it from that point of view before


That post is absolutely bang on. Great post man.


of course... innocent until proven guilty right? isnt that how it works?


I usually go by the colour of their skin



People just don't realize how fast everyone else is moving until their is nothing blocking their vision


Interesting observation, but I see a lot of Americans majoring in the minors on here as well.

The real difference is that there aren't that many strong people in the gyms over here to learn from. What do people do? Get on the internet and read some articles. Selling articles means making up new, often irrational things (shakeweights and shit) or more commonly relabeling something existing until you no longer recognize it. So most articles are shit, and that's what the newbs without role models learn. Then they start threads about their fiber makeup, cortisol levels and so on when all they should do is lift, eat and sleep. But that won't sell any articles or supplements.

Cliff notes: Samuelsson trains alone in his barn, people never see any strong guys, so people read internet bullshit and start retarted threads.

"One guy making progress in every gym" would make this a smaller problem, but those days are gone.


Good points.

That was my major drawback, not knowing who to trust/listen to...and all I had was articles until I came here.


Mr popular's post was right on...once I started buying my own food, supporting myself...it kinda made me take things more seriously. Had to take my own "fate" into my hands, couldn't blame anyone else for my outcome. All fingers pointed at me. So I work to be my own harshest critic.


Depends more who they crowd themselves around I think. You are going to get smart ones from all nationalities, and same with morons. I tend to find eastern Europeans get it right more than not, but that tends to be because they crowd themselves around like minded people - a lot using home grown principles as a means for success. I don't think I have yet to see one foreigner from Russia/Ukraine, Balkan region, Poland, Lithuania, etc. not make at least some decent progress at some stage. They also tend to be a lot quicker to ask questions to the bigger guys in the gym, rather than avoid them and try to work out what 'the secret' is.

Like I said there are exceptions. I also find the above group, specifically those born in Australia, tend to spin their wheels and make very very limited progress.


IMO, this is absoultly true.

Ona side note, most ppl I see who "major in the minor" tend to be frat boys or teenagers that like to train togather as a group. They will usually do a set then talk shit of X or Y method or XXX brand of whey protein for god knows how long b4 comencing their next set