Counting Supplements on T-Dawg

Just a quick question but one that struck me as one I’d never thought about before.As im on the T-Dawg im counting Kcal’s
as well as protien and carbs. Now do I have to count the Kcal’s in my supplements or are those “Free Kcals” ? I.E

A multi-vitamin, Creatine, Flax seed oil capsules, Vit-C, Vit-E and milk thistle tablets?



uh, if the nutrition label lists calories, then yes you have to count them. Flax oil is fat, typically 1g per capsule. That’s 9 cals. If you take 21 capsules that’s almost 200 cals - better count it!

A calorie is a calorie no matter wether it’s in food or a pill.

Except a calorie is not a calorie depending on the macronutrient.

But in any case, count ALL your calories. But don’t be anal - like counting toothpaste.

Good lord dont get That damned anal it will drive you nuts. if your that worried about those K/cals chew a paice of sugar free gum that day and burn a hundred k/cals or so. LOL

The only ones I count are fish oils due to the fact I take 6-10 at a time which at ten k/cals each add up fast.

Dont make yourself nuts overanalyzing,

Thanks Phil and golden, But it seems I “cant” count the Kcal’s on the supplements as there not listed on the back of any of the bottles?

Ok last anal question I promise :wink: Im using a low kcal spray called fry light and it mentions that it has a small amount of alcohol in it to help reserve the product.Bit will be totally removed by cooking heat due to evaporation!? Is using a product like that with alcohol ok? as I know alcohol can be estrogenic and cause catabolism!?

Holy crap.

I would make sure I keep a log of that spray can alcohol. It could have a profound effect on your progress.

Make sure you also keep tabs on the vitamins you are getting from your Two-In-One Pro-Vitamin Shampoo/Conditioner


Good lord. LOL see above post.

You will get more alcohol walking past a bar or a drunk bum on the street. Or better yet in a glass of juice that has fermented a lil. or in any number of items you use every day.


count your suplemental fats… the other suplements you list should have 0 effect on your calorie intake

Hahahah and I thought americans wernt capable of sarcasm?!!! point taken guys thanks :wink: