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Counting Reps During the Set


What’s your stance on counting reps during the set. I started to ask my self why I am even counting the reps firsthand ? I mean during the set you either want to focus 100% on working the muscle or 100% on firing in the movement. The brain can not multitask it can only switch between two task so counting reps is a bad thing since it takes way your focus from your set ? However I also noticed I can’t stop counting them, it happens automatically. Only when I really push it the last rep is with 100% focus and/or my mind is empty. I also noticed that when I try to focus only on my set and not on counting that I get fewer reps than normal.
What do you guys think, should i work on “not counting“? But on the other hand you should know how much work you did for monitoring volume and rep pr’s.

Nope. No strong human does this. Success leaves clues.


I dont even know where to start.
“The brain cannot multitask” ? da fuq? ur brain is doing literally hundred of things at any given moment that your not even aware of.
No counting to 5 or 10 or 20 wont take away “brain power” from your cns that would be better used for lifting. Like seriously.


I agree you shouldn’t be doing integral calculus in your head while doing a tough set. But counting 1, 2, 3…? That’s taking away your focus from the lift?


I actually find the opposite with regards counting reps leading to reduced focus (at least with strength training & bbing)…the only time I don’t necessarily count reps is on super-high-finisher sets…like on band pull-aparts etc.

At the end of the day, repetitions are just a method to track the duration you’re subjecting your muscles to stress (I’m not going to go into the different types of strength). It’s not anything too complex, don’t over think it.


That should tell you that it isn’t taking that much focus, if any.

I couldn’t imagine not counting shit. I count how many times I swipe my deodorant, my steps fairly often and my blinker on between lights.

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I actually wonder if not counting is counter productive.

The number of times Ive hit, say, 5 reps and felt crushed but knew I had to hit another 3 so I just manned up when I wanted to bail…

You could have OCD my man.

LOL I liked his post because I felt it to be normal/awesome but then I read yours and I was like oh shit …ya I have OCD and I count every little thing. Hahaah I had no idea it wasn’t what everyone else does !! Who da fuck doesn’t count their deodorant swipes :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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Especially on a max rep DL or something, sometimes I wonder if I am even counting correctly. After I finish I’m like “that shit was hard, did I really do 10 reps or double count a rep”? Obviously mind is not 100% at that point so I honestly don’t know.

Worst is if, like me, you need your fingers to count. Makes that 10th rep a real bitch.


Haha well it’s not to say you’ve got OCD if you count deodorant swipes or something but things like that would be classified as OCD tendencies. If you don’t get the right amount of swipes and can’t function for the rest of your day as a result then yeah, could be OCD.

I stopped doing 11 rep sets because the gym threatened to kick me out.


Nicely done, sir.

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Took me a good 10 seconds to get it, and then another 30 seconds to actually stop laughing.