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Counting protien

Hi guys

Im new to body building and have a quesion.Im on a high protien diet and I wanted to know when I say eat some steak or beef before it’s cooked it weigh’s 500grams but when cooked it goes down to say 300grams! do I count the protien amount from the size it is uncooked or after it’s cooked???

Thanks guys


Well, i count it after but i dont think im correct.

Most of the calorie and nutrition counters I have seen specify if the weight is raw or cooked. So if you way the beef after it is cooked make sure you use calories/protein from a listing that specifies “cooked”.

As you cook the meat, fat renders out, and water evaporates, but the protein stays the same. Just make sure to use the right figure when counting the protein, cooked or raw, as they are different.

I dont think it really matters with meats, not a great deal anyway. Esp Steaks and alike. The loss in cooking is mostly Fat and water. there is minimal protien loss on most meats when cooking


Paul Govier

Thanks for replying guys :slight_smile:

Ok I live in england so sadly very few products
have the nutrition infomation with a listing for cooked or uncooked! but from what Ko is saying as far as protien goes it dont matter so a 500g uncooked steak contains as mucg protien as a 300g cooked one right???



You are correct. And from what I see, 1oz of raw meat is 5-7 grams, and cooked is 8-10g depening on the cut. So if you like to use the raw figure, stick with that, or vice versa.

Hi Ko

Ok mate i’ll stick with the figure of protien on the meat before it’s cooked.

Thanks’again :slight_smile:


You don’t lose any protein, you just denature it. Don’t fuck your protein up, eat your meat raw.