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Counting Protein Intake Necessary?


I’m wondering if it’s really necessary to be counting protein intake to be successful for a beginner, I’m eating every 2-3 hours with a source of protein. Have many people succeeded in building a good physique without counting protein intake? Since it’s a little difficult all the time to be very precise especially being a full time student. What I eat everyday tends to be different.

However, would it be good enough to adhere to the basic rules of:

1)Eat 2-3 hours no matter what
2)Eat protein with these meals
3)Most carbs come from fruits,veggies, rice and pasta

It doesn’t hurt, you’d be surprised how much you overestimate. How are you counting the grams currently?

Counting the gs of protein has really helped me out in losing fat and gaining muscle. Get atleast 1 g of protein per lb of body weight. I have transformed my body quite a bit in 2 1/2 months by logging everything i eat it starts in the kitchen . Lost 37 pounds so far and added muscle also. Im still a fatboy but slow and steady is the key. Started at 293 now down to 256.

I’m not counting now, but I am using the ‘fist’ guideline for every protein source I am having for each meal. Basically I just try to have as much protein as I can for each meal. I am building muscle, so I think it’s working but I just want to get the right attitude, so if it’s really necessary to be counting protein intake, I will try to do it.

Just that I’ve had some friends who have built a lean and muscular physique without counting protein intake, he just eats for what he needs to do. But then he also does a G-Flux like routine, in which he has the luxury to train 6 hours a day and I don’t. lol, I guess when you train that much, you can be pretty much eating whatever you want (as long as it’s clean-- i.e. food you cook at home or your family’s food which is what I’m having now)

It only takes a couple minutes a day and it can’t hurt, so for a beginner I recommend it. I used to count everyday, but having doing it for a year I can usually just estimate fairly accurately. Every now and again I do it for a couple days just to make sure I’m on track. Since you probably can’t look at a plate of food and say how much protein is in it, you should probably count for a while.