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Counting Nutrients on Ketogenic Diet

Do you count the nutrients of green, fibrous veggies(ie celery, broccoli, lettuce, etc.) in your nutrition log? I know CT recommended not counting carbs from green, fibrous veggies, but if these veggies don’t get absorbed by the body, wouldn’t it mean that other nutrients such as protein in these veggies would not get absorbed too? And would ingesting LARGE LARGE amounts of these green veggies kick one out of ketosis?

The fiber is the only part of the veggies that does not get digested and absorbed. As far as I know, everything else is bio available and should be counted.


I log everything that goes in my mouth.

I use Fitday.com (free) to log what I eat. What they don’t have in their database, I either find on the Internet or enter directly from food labels. Once your food is in there it’s easy to recall (you only need to enter it once).

It takes care of fiber counts, fat breakdown (sat/poly/mono), and any other nutrient count you can think of-- you just need to make the committment to log it.

Attached is an example.

Calories Eaten Today
grams cals %total
Total: 2741
Fat: 164 1479 54%
Sat: 47 424 16%
Poly: 15 137 5%
Mono: 29 259 10%
Carbs: 46 139 5%
Fiber: 11 0 0%
Protein: 276 1103 41%
Alcohol: 0 0 0%

I get my information for foods from nutritiondata.com, and I write it down in a book for tracking purposes. I won’t be coming online so often to track it in fitday, so I felt that is more useful for me.

I’m more interested about the science behind tracking nutrients from these green, fibrous veggies cause firstly, it’s hard to measure HOW MUCH veggies I consume(it’s A F**KING LOT), and secondly, I’m curious as to whether it’s nutrients are truly absorbed. Thanks nonetheless!

Protein does not equal carbohydrates…?

Honestly, I think this would be classified as overkill.