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Counting Macros Thread

Hi little buddies,

This is a thread dedicated to those who have questions about macros and how to count them.

I have recently started counting macros and have a had a few queries come up and I thought a thread for counting macros would be good for those beginners who have just started “counting”.

First question: How important is the fibre in carbs? I have heard to detract the fibre amount from the total amount of carbs? Who does this? Is this important or insignificant? I know when counting macros one must keep everything constant, but I trying to work out what rules/guidelines I should use.

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I personally do not subtract fibre from total carbs. I make sure that I get at least 35g of fibre per day to keep me regular, and I do not go over 75g as too much fibre can interfere with nutrient absorption. Hope that helps.

I subtract fiber from total carbs. You don’t use fiber much for energy so it’s not going to have the same effect as a sugar. I eat varying amounts of vegetables/fruits/beans etc daily so I wouldn’t want my actual effective carb intake to vary daily