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Counting Macros from Different Foods

Do you guys count just complete protein from chicken, eggs, whey, etc and the fats from oils, nuts, egg yolks? Let s take an example…we have oats…oats have protein, carbs, fats and fiber…but most have carbs…and the protein is not complete but when you put some chicken breast…then you have it…complete…and the fats from oats? You can t compare with fats from olive oil or some nuts…right? Then why you should count? Because i see people are diffrent on this topic, and i want to see some opinions here

Not a bodybuilder, but I got big, strong and lean without ever counting a calorie or macro

Counting was annoying enough, I certainly wasn’t going to make it any harder. I just put what I was eating into My Fitness Pal and let the app take care of it. So, to answer your question, all protein sources counted.

I can’t imagine it matters as long as you’re eating some threshold of the mono acid spectrum across the day. If you’re vegan, my understanding is this is something you actually need to proactively manage. If not, and you’re eating from the complete sources you just mentioned, you’ll be good to go. The couple grams you get from oatmeal is unlikely (unless you’re vegan or trying to prove a point) to make up a significant percentage of your total daily protein.

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I used to count this way for years as I picked it up from the time Shelby Starnes coached me through a few cuts and my first and only show. Ive had no trouble getting down to 6% bodyfat only counting the primary macros in all whole foods like the example you gave.

These days I’m doing a meticulous reverse diet wherein I’m adding only like 30 cal a day each week so I’m sticking to macros and counting every macro in everything, even the 2g fat in a pack of oatmeal.