Counting Lunges

This is a real simple question. When a routine says to do 10 reps of walking lunges, does that mean 10 reps of each leg? Or does that mean 10 total, 5 for each leg?

Sorry for the stupid question but is has been confusing me lately.


Each leg… not the third one however…that would be … humm… interesting

i would think 5 each leg right? unless your poundage is light… then i could see 10 each leg, but 5 each with walking lunges with heavy db’s are taxing.

so depends on what kind of weight you are using: lighter=10 each leg, heavy=5 each leg.

It means 10 reps on each leg,a total of twenty.

Nah…not a stupid question at all. The person writing the routine was stupid for not specifying. I would venture that it would be 10 reps per leg. But that’s just a guess on my part.