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Counting Carbs from Green Veggies?

should i count carbs from green veggies? my new diet will call for under 30 grams of carbs and eating 2500 calories a day on a clean bulk, along with taking Surge post workout, but the Surge alone on workout days will put me over 30 grams. my fat intake will be coming from red meats,fish oil(gnc triple strength, i cant afford Flameout)omega 3 eggs, peanuts, almonds, cashews, sunflower kernals, olive oil.
im 5’6", 178 pounds.

Guessing you’re doing the anabolic diet? If so, don’t count green veges towards carbs, don’t fall into the trap of thinking you need carbs PWO (the whole point of the diet is to shift your body to using fat for EVERYTHING it used to rely on carbs for) and also be aware even eggs and nuts contain more carbs than you might be aware…minimal carb protein powder is very important in making this diet work. there’s an awesome AD log tucked away somewhere here also. Good Luck!

i dont know if it is the anabolic diet?

im going by Thibs nutrition for newbies articles 1&2. is that what this diet would be called? im bulking by the way.

nah anabolic diet’s fundamentally different. it’s by another guy, a champion powerlifting doctor called dr mauro di pasquale. interesting. but anyways the general consensus seems to be not to count green veges towards daily carbs (Thibs mentions this somewhere…) and in fact to get a shedload of greens for all sorts of reasons. ignore what i said earlier about using fats instead of carbs exclusively (that’s what the AD is all about). I couldn’t see Surge being a big source of fat gain for when used correctly, but just follow CT’s plan to the letter.

if i can give just one word of advice which you’ll be aware of anyways…
you know you’re getting the food side right and i’d bet you’ve got a good effective workout template to follow. in other words you’ve got the details down. but don’t forget to be an animal in the gym! that set you just pushed out? you can do heavier! and for one more rep! remember to focus on the big lifts.

ive got the lifting part on lock, but the nutrition side has always been my down fall. i dont normally cheat i can usually controll myself, but sometimes its just so hard! i have to say i cheat about once a week when i eat fried chicken wings, very light hot sauce, about ten of them.

so technically when i eat veggies with my meal, count them as just calories right? this confused me because i also eat fat with my meals and with the carbs it would be a balanced meal which is a completely different diet CT outlines.

Thibs wrote that some amino acids can have an anabolic effect post workout. He recommends having whey along with glutamine, glycine, and BCAA’s (forgot the dosage he recommended). That way you don’t have to rely on Surge post workout.

This should allow you to stay under 30 grams a day.

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If you are trying to put muscle mass, you honestly better be pretty darn insulin resistant/fat to avoid carbs PWO.

From the info you have given us, it appears that you are doing a diet similar to the T-Dawg 2.0 (search for it). It is a great routine to help get you lean, but I honestly wouldn’t recommend you doing it for a ‘bulk’, assuming your main goal is to put on muscle mass. Whats your body comp? If you’re already pretty lean, you may want to take a look at Thib’s carb cycling approach.

[quote]ksommer wrote:
If you are trying to put muscle mass, you honestly better be pretty darn insulin resistant/fat to avoid carbs PWO.[/quote]

im just going by whats on his article, he even says to use sugre PWO. i lost a good amount of fat from my previous cut, so im not really that fat anymore.

Check out this article http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance_bodybuilding/refined_physique_transformation
where CT outlines how you don’t count carbs from green veggies. He also outlines an effective PWO protocol if Surge puts you over your limit. It is geared toward fat loss but as CT says,the same principals that are used to gain muscle are the same ones that are used to keep muscle.