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Counting Calories?

Say I have a meal like this in the afternoon:
5 oz ground buffalo
1 cup brocolli
3 oz mashed sweet potato
2 tsp olive oil
Chopped tomato salsa
2 fish oil caps
24 oz water

Ok, now how do I determine how many calories that was? How do I determine how much fat and carb? How do I get the ratios? Is there some webpage that will till me specific calories of a product given the weight?


you can use http://www.nutritiondata.com/ but there are ones geared towards specific goals like fitday.com I think. …

What about for other meats such as Angus Beef, grass fed beef, and organic beef?

I use the USDA database. It gives you all the info you need.

Where do you get buffalo? I’ve heard it is good. I just doubt it is at the local grocery store.

I went to USDA.gov, and I can not find the database to search for food. Would anyone happen to have a link?

Thank you,

I used these back when I counted calories