Counting Calories

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I don’t want to give you too much since I’m not a trainer or competitor as some will have a stink…

But lots of good key nuggets so far, “drop the fat first, worry about your bulk later”. That’s not saying that you should crash diet hard and waste away on LISS. But there’s also to consider how fast you want to drop the fat. The standard 1-2lbs a week is good advice since you can really maintain your training more easily.

Want to go quicker? Then you can look into more aggressive diets - I’m not going to get all fan boy but you may want to google something similar to Rapid Fat Loss Download…it’s by Lyle McDonald. He has a bad rap and also is known for his good info though so you’ll have to do research on that side of, but I suggest you read that book if speed of loss is for you.

He just released an Extreme Rapid Fat Loss version that’s not freely found on the internet like Rapid Fat Loss is (oops). I’m giving it a run…on the last day. But be forewarned, it’s not named “Extreme” for nothing…that’s all I’m going to say about that. It’s 6.99 USD so it’s cheap, and let me tell you…if I told you how much I lost in 4 days you’d laugh and half the tnation world would ridicule how much LBM is lost but it’s only 4 days but I’d recommend a good read of RFL.

If you want something more steady then just try any of the diets out, carb cycling (not my fav), low carb/keto (again, not my fav), but it’s really something for you to try. I no longer come on boards for specific recs based on my stats because I found that your own body is so individual no one can make a remotely good rec unless they’re watching you constantly posting your macros, etc. It works for some, but for me I’m dialing it in on my own and it’s very interesting to learn for yourself. Pick a reasonably good diet and stick with it.

But be ready to either keep training volume/intensity high while losing at a slower, moderate pace. Or drop the weight slightly quicker while dieting harder and dropping training volume and frequency. You CAN train hard, just not as long and as often on more restricted diet.

Good luck sorting through all our insights…[/quote]

I appreciate the feedback. I’ve cut my calories a little and will maintain current training volume/intensity. I’ve lost about 4 pounds in the last week and a half. I feel like my total strength has declined a little, but nothing major. I’m sure that once I get lined out, all will be well. I’ll look into Lyle’s publications.

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I’m loving all the specific recommendations up in here without:

  1. pics of OP
  2. OP’s current training regimen
  3. OP’s current cardio regimen
  4. OP’s current macro breakdown after he finally tracks for 3 days or so

Just another day in TNation forums I guess. [/quote]

  1. Can get later.

  2. Fifth cycle of 5/3/1 four days a week - 2 on, 1 off, 2 on. Completed 5 cycles a little over a year ago, but abandoned all strength training for endurance sports (adventure racing/mountain biking). Got weak and skinny. Have regained strength and put on some decent muscle since restarting 5/3/1. Spare tire has pretty much always been there - nothing new.

  3. Cardio is a mix: sprints after squats and deadlifts, random metcons on off days. Recently added early morning walk of 3 miles at a good pace.

  4. As posted earlier, using on online calculator, I need about 2,500 calories to maintain 195. A base menu meeting 2,500 calories puts my macros at 206 P, 70 F, and 160 C, or 47%, 16%, 37%.

For the record, I have been on this planet for half a century.

Still nothing specific in here, so the best advice you’ll get is non-specific and won’t at all prepare you for the inevitable stalls that take place throughout any cut. That’s what I was getting at. My post was aimed at the replies, not you. I respect your age and wisdom :slight_smile:

For example: “sprints after squats and deads” Are you running up a hill full speed 12 times? Doing just five 10 sec sprints on the elliptical? These are light years apart on the intensity spectrum.

What does a typical training day look like for you? i.e.
Squats: 4 sets of 12 with 225
Leg press: 4 sets of 25 with 6pps
Lunges: 2 walking sets of 15/leg w/ 40lb dbs

The program tells very little about the metabolic demands in a typical lifting session for you. Are you repping out squats with 405? Taking only 1 min rest between sets? Doing painful drop sets on accessory work? All paint a very different picture.

Are those macros you’ve been following for the past few weeks? Or did you just count one day’s worth?

This really all does come down to accounting. When you can quantify every variable, the week to week changes and progress are very straightfoward.

Try downloading a Diet Log App. I use LoseIt. Works well for me. It allows you to keep track of calories and Macros. And also allows to log exercise calories burned. Keeps you on track.

I personally have started tracking calories more closely because nothing else was working. I have kept my calories very low considering I have chosen not to do a bunch of cardio or conditioning.