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Counting Calories - Ribeye Steak

If I buy a an 8oz Ribeye Steak from a generic grocery store (Jewel-Osco, Kroger, Hyvee etc), how many calories do I count that for?

I am seeing numbers all over the place from 280-660 calories.

Anyone out there know what the actual calories are? I’m cutting so I’ll probably just count it as 660 calories since that is the high number I’m seeing, but I’d like to know the actual calories in a steak.

Steaks dont come in 1 size. Why don’t you figure out the calorie per pound then go from there.

Avid steak eater here. There’s info for how much protein or fat per 100g or whatever unit of measurement you use.

Rib eye is high fat at best so hopefully it fits in your macros. Also depends on the steak itself. The eye usually has less fat than the cap. Prime more than lesser qualities. If the section of ribeye itself has a lot of fat visible that’s a big bump in fat but you can cut that off. Cooking method will also influence the number.

Google is showing me 24P 22F per 100g but like I said that can vary.

I use a web site called NUTRIONIX. I believe it is run by the USDA. It has a huge database, and the results returned usually agree with other sources of information. It also contains nutrition for many commercial products, e.g., Arby’s Reuben, McD’s artisan grilled chicken, and more.

It has become my “go to” source of nutrition information. To answer your question, NUTRIONIX returns 613.3 calories, and 56 grams of protein per 8 oz. for the search parameter “rib eye steak.”

If you use this site, it may take some trail and error to learn to ask the right question. For example, it once told me the nutrition in one green bean, when I wanted 1 cup. :wink:

Best wishes.

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I use the app from nutritionix to track my food and fucking love it💪🏽