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Counting Calories During Lifting

Ok, the formula for calculating calorie expendature is:
(LBS/2.205)9.81(FT/3.2808)*(1/4.1868) = kcal

So that means if you squat 225 lbs and your range for this squat is about 2 ft and you knock out 5 reps, the required amout of calorie expendature is 701.93 kcals.
This doesn’t look exactly right to me though. If you do 5 sets then your knocking out 3509.67 kcals in squat work alone. Hell any given work out somebody can easily burn up 7000 - 8000 kcals in a sigle workout done with internsity. This means you should be able to consume a small farm worth of food daily and not gain any weight. So the question is: Is there a more accurate way to calculate calorie expendature from weight training? My guess is a good, high intesity workout leaving you drenched and exhuasted would burn maybe 1000 - 1200 kcals, not 7000 to 8000. Anyone?

I don’t know the formula but 1h of reasonably intense lifting would probably be around the 400kcal mark.

Yea I am not sure about either the equation or your interpretation of it but an elephant wouldnt burn that many calories doing 5 squats. During a specific lifting workout you will usually not get even close to the amount of calories you could burn doing interval work mainly because by the time you burned alot of calories you would have had to drastically reduce your working weight to the point that you were basically doing intervals. However, you are paying back alot of calories in EPOC during the hours after you have lifted.