Counterstrike: Source

Any o’ you queers play CS source on PC?

I do, obviously.

used too, good way to waste a lot of time. I used to be very good at scouts only maps was in very good clan definitively was strongest map for me. Don’t really play any games anymore, probably play some starcraft 2 when it comes out but thats it for now.

Damn! I’m in a good clan, the play in the top Cal leagues, I’m not on the cal team though. I mostly play iceworld, I’m very good at it.

I like to play gungame deathmatches occasionally though.

I play CAL. CEVO next season.

I used to play for a top 10 team in the USA, ranked top 5 in CAL-invite(the highest level) called r3z or resurrection. We used to practice entering in rooms/areas like a SWAT/military team, and have all these strategies and practice all the time against other teams.

Went to the mall of america and beat out 25 other teams to win 2,500$ cash prize and an invite / free buy in to the CPL(cyber-athlete professional league). Didn’t go as I was 15 and shouldn’t have even played in the qualifier.

So yea, I used to play… a lot. I stopped playing a couple years ago. I’ll probably install it on my laptop eventually, but now my internet time is spent on youtube, poker, and other sites like this one.

I played the original CS a lot. Along with a bunch of other FPS’s

Gungame is alright, I still think DM is the way to go.

Some DM servers: - Defcon 1 (harder) - Hellfire (hard) - Moongamers (easy)

Sigh. Team got knocked out of playoffs today after our fifth lagged out for six rounds while we were up 9-7.

Thanks, whats your gamertag?

In-game it’s JmT | TS, or just TS. Steam name is n1tro, I think. Can’t find a good way to look it up with the new “steam community” crap.

TF2 > CS:Source

Hell…DoD is better than CS.