Countering Meds with Tiring Effect

i take effexor and metoporolol as prescribed. both of these hinder the cns and cause tiredness etc. is there anything i can do to counter that? supps…or something

First off, did you ask the prescribing doctor?

I have been taking effexor for close to 10 years, how long have you been taking it? I do take a caffenated stimulant before my sessions with no issues which usually gets me through the grogginess, I do not believe however the effexor contributes to my sleepiness as much as my unorthodox work schedule. If you just started taking it, give your body time to adjust. I would ask your doctor about any interactions before taking stimulants. Stay away from any stimulants that contain Rhodiola Rosea as this may counter effects of your current AD. Also look at the product label and google any of its ingredients’ interactions with your current meds, is what I did and I have had no issues.

There are newer Beta Blockers (metoprolol you are on) that do not have the sedative type effects that metoprolol has. Coreg is one that has now gone generic a few years ago. Ask your Doc to switch you.