Counterfeit H-Drol (CEL)

Hey guys I just received two bottles of H-drol i got from in the mail today…i took one bottle of this stuff once before at a very light dose (4 weeks at 50mg a day) …my question for all of you is can there be fake H-drol out there? Would anyone counterfeit it?

The reason I ask is because the first bottle i ever took the capsules were smaller, and were transparent with white powder…the ones i just got are larger and solid white…also when compared side by side the bottles are slightly different…and actually the two i just got do not have lot numbers or expiration dates, and the label on one of them appears to have been crimped when being applied. they were both sealed with plastic wrap on the outside of the lid, that other seal that covers the hole once the lid is off, and each had a cotton ball inside.

these slight differences make me wonder though. what do you guys think? would anyone try to rip me off with this shit?

actually just counted the capsules…58 in one bottle…61 in another…supposed to be 60 in each…kind of fucking pissed right now.

I would contact the company with pics and descriptions and see what they have to say.

Amazon should reimburse you. I would think.

Just tell them about the bottle with 58. Bonus on the other one!

hey guys i actually filed a refund request with amazon…but apparently the seller has to approve it…if they dont refund my money im going to raise some serious hell…but i actually lucked out and my friend found an exact copy of H-drol called Halo-plex which is still legal to manufacture/sell…i can get 3 bottles on supplementwarehouse for the price of those two bunk ones from amazon…so thank God for that at least. i wonder if anyone would really bother faking h-drol though…it sure seems like it