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Counter Strike > Sex



Hahahaha.... I love YTMND.





Yes sir. You can spemd hours their finding hilarious stuff... heres a pretty recent funny one for anyone who has seen "The Never ending story".



Haha, lollerskates and roflcopters. He actually talks to real people in leetspeak. Hilarious.


Sad part is I know guys like that.

They even have pretty good looking girlfriends.



Yea, I knew one like that. He was a fat sack of shit too. The only possible explanation for it was that she was dumb as toast. But even then, how do you explain a decent looking girl going for a fat kid who plays computer games all day and dropped out of college cuz he was playing too many computer games (and was suicidal)?


E-Athletes get all the chicks, man. lol.


Nice :). Those are extreme exceptions though. 95% of guys with 2 out of those 3 are for girls as attractive as surgic fat suction for the average rwanda kid.


I dunno about anyone else, but the minute a girl says the word "horny", all my attention is theirs


Imbrond - phenomenal analogy!!