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Countdown to UFC 100


This had to have been the best Countdown show yet.

Lesnar .vs Mir - Jesus, the trash talking in this segment was fucking high-larious. Mir's was obviously well thought out and rehersed. Very clever. Brock's was funny becuase it seemed to be off the cuff and honest. I beleive the guy actually thinks that way. I like the guy more every time he opens his mouth. He just cracks me up. I really can't wait for this fight.

GSP .vs Alves - No need to hype this fight. I don't see Alves winning this one, but he certainly has punchers chance. I think GSP has to finish this one convincingly for a match with Silva to be of much interest. I just can't wait to see how he finishes him.

Henderson .vs Bisbing - I can't say i have ever been as excited to see a fight as one sided as I think this is going to be. Again, classic trash talking. Henderson is my favorite figher of all time and his attitude is a major reason. "If you disrespect me I just kind of take a mental note. I know it's coming out of his ass later." Like Lesnar, I am pretty sure the guy actually thinks like this. No pretense. No showmanship. Just an honest to goodness badass. I have a huge man crush on this guy. Bisbing on the other hand. I can't think of anyone else in the UFC that I like less than Bisbing. Probably goes Bisbing, Guillard, Caplan, Browning, BJ. I would probably add Mir to the end of that list, but I do like to watch him fight.


Yeah.. "WEIGHTS.. AND MY DOUBLE ARE ALL I NEED FOR MMA. FRANK MIR YOU'RE MINE." I must have rewound to that five times. So funny.


Yeah I really enjoyed the countdown show. I couldn't stop laughing when Brock was going off on Mazzagatti.

Hope Hendo pummels Bisping too.


any video of the show up yet or any idea when it will play again?


Its on the UFC site.


Countdown to UFC 100 Video - http://mixedmartialartvideos.com/countdown-to-ufc-100-video/


I can't wait.

"And stilllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll the heavy weight champion of the world, BROOOOOOOOOOOOCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKK LEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSNNNNNNNNNNNAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!"



"GSP's the man. I want to beat the man. I want to knock him out and become the man."



Man, I want to see Bitchping (did you notice Kristov calling him that) leave on a stretcher soooo bad.

I have mixed feelings about the Lesnar fight. On one hand, having met the guy years ago and owning a signed photo I should be rooting for him. However, Mir's comeback is damn remarkable and there is a big part of me that would be satisfied to see him win.

One thing I was struck by (no pun intended) was Mir's statement about coming out on the better end of a striking match with Lesnar. I hope that was just smoke and mirrors because I think that will be his quickest path to a stunning loss.

I hope the Fitch fight gets televised as he is still one of my favorite fighters.


I see the fights going this way.

Brock knocking out Mir end of round 1 beginning round two. I agree with Brock that it wasn't so much Mir looking good with his strikes against Nog it was just Nog looked so bad. I think Mir is going to be forced to stand and trade with Brock and that is not going to end well for him.

GSP vs Alves is tough to call. If GSP can get it to the ground GSP wins but if Alves take down defense is good enough to avoid it then GSP is getting knocked out. I am pulling for GSP on this one.

Hendo Vs Bitchbing Can't wait for Hendo to knock him out.


I agree with your picks. I would just like to add that Alves is not as big a threat as he is being hyped to be. The fact that they are using things like age, strength, weight, and GSP fighting a light weight in his last fight to market the fight should be a dead give away.

While GSP might not be as good a striker as Alves (personally I think he could outstrike him but that is based on nothing but my liking for GSP), he is good enough to keep him guessing and take him down fairly easily. After that the fight will end rather quickly.

In my opinion, its not whether GSP can beat Alves, it's how easily he can do it. If he completely dominates Alves like he did Penn, we might just see a super fight b/w Silva-GSP on the New Year card. And that's what I'm hoping for.


Lesner by masterbaiting fist.


I think Mir will outbox Lesnar.

I think Alves could beat GSP (not as confident over this but can see it happening.)

Bisping will outpoint Decision Dan in a pretty boring fight that all the Americans complain should have been a win for Dan.


This is my biggest concern. Henderson has been pretty good about chasing guys down and forcing the action in the past, but Bisbing showed he is pretty good at outpointing an opponent and not taking damage.



I'd like to see Mir/GSP/Hendo win. And I hope Hendo does this to Bisping's cocky fucktard face.


Originally I had Alves taking it, but today at work I was thinking about it and I just have this gut feeling GSP is going to win. Maybe from watching all the great fights he's been in on the ultimate 100 show having an influence. GSP by Alves's inability to stop the riddum


His riddum will be at 11





i cant wait ufc 100 but i was disappointed with the countdown show. i hoped for another UFC Primetime containing three parts for the main bouts.

The Lesnar - Mir fight will be awesome. Dont know where to put my money in that one...


-Lesnar TKO win before the 3rd round.
-GSP ground and pound smashing of Alves before the 3rd round
-UD win for Hendo.

I think the Alves hype is a whole lotta nada. He beat an unprepared Koscheck, old Hughes and a panicky Parisyan. GSP on the other hand has smashed everyone in his path with the exception of the lucky shot by Serra. Not to side track but Serra clobbered him on the back of the head, and if you go back and look at Hughes vs Serra he also clipped the back of Hughes head. If GSP can takedown Hughes, Koscheck and Penn I think we are going to see alot of Alves guard.