Count Protein From Carbs/Salad?

My question is when you calculate your macros and more specific your protein intake, are you taking into consideration the protein resulting from carbs (rice, cereal, etc) and salad or you only take into consideration the protein from meat, fish, diary, and supplements?

4 calories per gram of protein is 4 calories per gram of protein regardless of source, why wouldn’t you include it in your macros?


Unless you’re in contest-prep mode, there’s no need to count every gram. Instead, and assuming you’re eating a relatively clean diet, categorize each food you eat as a Protein (all lean meats; egg whites; fish; protein powders of course), or a Fat (nuts; peanut butter; oil-based salad dressing) or a Carb (rice; potatoes; grains). Very few foods are split across macros to where they don’t fit into this scheme (beans come to mind).

So, to answer your question more concisely: Only count Protein grams from foods classified as Proteins; don’t count the minute amounts of protein in rice, cereal, etc.

BTW, this way of counting macros is not original to me; I got it from Shelby Starnes, a highly-regarded BBer and trainer/coach.


I need to count macros, not because of a contest-prep but due to a health issue which forcing me to limit my protein intake around 100 grams and I am trying to create my meal plan accordingly, this is why I am asking.

But thank you for your answer it was very helpful.

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If you’re under doctor’s orders regarding protein intake, then you should count macros as per his/her instructions.

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