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Count Carbs in Protein Powders?


Im doing CT's Superhero program along with carb cycling. The diet calls for 2 grams of protein per lb of body weight with under 75 grams of carbs on the low days. This would mean I need to ingest 440g of protein on these days. My question is, do I count the carbs coming from protein shakes? I upped the amount of whey on those days and 3 shakes with 2 scoops would be roughly 24 grams of carbs...I guess I should eat no grains on those days and stick to the whey and grilled chicken?

My main concern is the carbs coming from my protein shakes because I do ingest a lot of them throughout these low days on top of like tuna with low carb wraps (roughly 5g carbs each)...also almonds have 5g of carbs per 1/4 cup serving. It just seems hard to hit 440g of protein while eating under 75g carbs


Of course you count those carbs. The only carbs you can ever get away with not counting are green veggies.



Yes you should count those carbs.


One more question, do you count total carbs in a "low carb wrap" or net effective carbs? Thanks...just want to clear this up to make sure Im doing this correctly


I count the carbs in protein because they are often sugars used for flavor purposes. Any sugar should certainly be counted. I dont trust the whole "net effective carb" thing either no matter how they term it. Its like those protein bars that have a bunch of sugar alcohols in them so they can label them "carb control" or whatever. I still count those whether I need to or not.


Yeah, the whole 'net' carbs is a way for companies that manufacture carb foods to fool carb-phobic people into thinking they're being healthy. The only carbs that constitute a gray area could be fiber. Complex carbs are carbs, and simple carbs are carbs,.. none of this 'only count sugar' crap -lol.