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Count ANACONDA's A-Protein in Macros?

are the anabolic protein in ANACONDA protocols the same as regular protein from food? MAG-10 has 19g of anabolic protein per scoop so should i subtract that from my daily protein macros? the same goes for the actual ANACONDA but that has 30g A-protein per scoop

Learn to read a label? You know, the one that says “10g”…

10g of casein hydrolysate per scoop. Count that like normal protein, other stuff is just individual aminos.

What has always confused me is the total macro grams on the label per scoop, compared to the total calories on the label per scoop.

1 scoop has:
<1g fat
<1g carbs
10g protein
62 calories

Even if we assume it has 1g of fat

The missing calories are likely leucine.

@OP: if you read the write up, it says that amount of anabolic amino acids, that includes the citrulline malate, dicreatine malate, and beta alanine which are all amino acids.