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Council with Volume, Frequency, & Experience

Hey. What is your experience with the frequency and volume of training? Sure it was discussed. I was intrigued by topic - Once Weekly bodypart? by MODOK. If I understood correctly, so a certain amount of training spread to 1x, 2x and 3x training workouts per week.

If the user MODOK did 12 sets per body part 1x per week made 12 sets at a time when trained 2x a week made a series of 2 x 6 when trained 3 times a week did 3x4serie. I have often heard and read that kind of practitioners may not be high volume contribution to muscle growth.

I tried routines such as Bear, German Volume Training and more. If the volume was ideal for muscle growth, it would be advisable to train all muscle groups with a large margin against failure and can thus be odcviÄ?it insane amount of 20 sets of 2 times per week or 30-40serií 1x per week per muscle group without muscle failure? Or is it better to train the whole body should be only after 3-4 series to failure, ie the volume from which recovers quickly and before the overtrain.

With what you have had a better experience? My friend’s arm should be practiced only 3 seria 1 week, which seems to me very little and has great hands. I know lots of people practicing what splits where necessary odcviÄ?í 8-12 sets per arm 1 week or less and exercise 2x a week so I was surprised such a low level and frequency of 3 series of 1 week. I’ll be glad for any experience. I wonder if I’ll try one of the following-

1 version
train each muscle group 2-3x a week
only 3 sets to failure or near failure of a series and 2 series to failure

Second version
Split classic bodybuilders train
1x a week direct load muscle groups
about 8-12 sets per muscle group.

Third version
train each muscle group 1-3x a week
with the fact that it was extremely high volume on each lot
and the commander reserve than there would be a failure.
example: I took the weight with which I failed at 12 reps
and I practiced some 7-8 repetitions
1x weekly series of the game 30-40
2x 2x weekly series of the game 15-20
3x a week 10-13 sets per game

all without failure

I do believe you are over-thinking it a tad. I admit, it can get confusing, exactly how many sets, reps, how often to train per week, etc…

But run a little experiment. Say you’re doing 10 sets per bodypart and not pleased with your gains. If you’re eating enough, and still not putting on muscle, then try adding sets. Now, I’m saying this, cause most guys never want to hear they are doing far to many sets. The only way for them to believe this themselves is try adding more volume and see if your gains increase. Personally, I don’t think they will. I know for myself, if I increase volume, my progress gets worse. My best gains have come when I increase the frequency of bodypart training(I train each bodypart every 4 days.) but I keep the set volume low.(3-4 sets total)

Hang on, why is Dorian Yates asking this question?

Hey. Dorian Yates I love it because my username.
I do not know with this board and here’s why I wrote the variations and what is better for most exercisers naturálmích. I tried with the assistance of sparing GVT workout and I can say that I do almost nothing. Training bear, where the train the same muscle group 2 times a week even if other exercises and I think quite a large volume that 12-15 sets per body part gave me a little.

I raised this question because that haunted me a lot of people at high volume overtraining, that it was invented for bodybuilders training, racing for bodybuilders. taking steroid medicines. With arms, for example, now I stopped in at 43.5 cm clenched and I can state with them or move a bit, as well as calves. Some people I argued that overtraining is fanciful nonsense that does not exist if I sleep a lot, much of it I have enough nutrients and calories I can not overtrain.

As I read the article from here on TNation MODOK and my friend who is considerably older than I was practicing on a large series of about 5 parts and small parts such as arm 3 Series and says to me that with it’s built my character has quite a lot of materials and already he is 38 years. Therefore, I am interested in the experiences of this forum. I also tried to train at high volume split when I performed an upper back in a week more than 20 series, nothing much I could. Maybe I was too close to failure, or made some other error so I thought it nenabral more.

It is possible that I have long practiced with more volume and body does not want to adapt or overtraining, I do not know.
Which option you choose you?

roguevampire - if I understood well, you proved to increase the frequency of training, a training ground every game 2x a week
and 3-4 sets. The high volume of those pan out.
Sorry if I write something wrong my English is very bad.

Thank you for your opinion, try it from the day I gave training a low volume and large lots close to failure and the failure of smaller lots. I’ll try and see what’s wrong with me provede.Pokud it goes well and I’ll pick up muscle mass, so when I stop progress, you think it will be appropriate to add a series?
I ask very stupid. But why do you think you can get from natural extra high volume work on each body part?
There’s stress, little sleep, little calories?

I consider the question of whether I could pick up a lot of muscle mass, if I need to sleep more calmly and briefly during the day, eat about 1500 calories a day more for the regeneration of used supplements in large doses and frequent - BCAA, leucine, glutamine, creatine.

It is interesting that a coach stated that a lot of skinny guys does not get as much exercise series. I came just as the error to lack of food. Perhaps it thought otherwise.

PS: Do you know any credible study that shows how long a muscle grow? I read constantly as the 24,36-48 hours seems like nonsense to me.

Thank you all for your patience and a possible answer.
Looking for answers and read various articles, because I just longer in place and will be somewhere around a bug and therefore the question on the frequency and volume.

Hey. Even I can think of one type of training. If I train with high volume of 2x per week for each muscle group in this case always go in the last series to muscle failure, even if not desirable.

1.moje question is this -

What if the training where they practiced the same muscle group 2x a week is practiced to a very high volume, but as the performance declined in the last series and would be close to muscle failure, I always subtracted the number of times and had so RESERVES least 2 reps to failure muscle groups. Guys you have someone with experience?
Now I work out three series into small parts to fail, and some 4 series on the big game, each muscle group will practice several times a week.

Second my question is this -
you were able to grow in volume of muscle
of very high volume of training several times a week for the same muscle group.
I do not mean the week bodybuilding split to break the game much the same series of 1 week.

thank you