Council of Governors = You're Doomed

"Quietlyâ??even stealthilyâ??in the opening days of the New Year, President Barack Obama has set up a â??Council of Governorsâ??.

Like the 30-plus czars running America with neither the peopleâ??s nor the congressâ??s blessings, the Council of Governors is already a done deal.

â??Is this a first step towards Martial Law, or a tie to the InterPol, RAND National Police Force stuff weâ??ve been hearing about,â?? asked a Texas patriot who tipped off Canada Free Press (CFP) after finding news of the new Council of Governors on Twitter. â??Is this a sort of Homeland Security Politburo?"

Hello, slaves!

I just did some reading on this topic and I must say it is just a bit unnerving.